Out on the Streets: Wrap-up for September

Oops, September's been and gone for nearly three weeks and I've only just got round to my wrap-up post for Out on the Streets. However, it has resulted in a bumper crop of posts and many of you have taken the time to revisit the topic, which is simply brilliant.

Not only did Anna revisit OOTS twice, she also revisited her subject for June, one of Liverpool's public parks. It was interesting to see how this area had changed in just 3 short months. She also got out her holiday snaps and showed us just how good French public planting (here and here) is in the process. Carrie carried on this theme by telling us about her trip to Brittany.

Chicago also featured strongly: Alice was most taken with the on-street planters she found. I was pleased she did as several Spring Flingers have commented on how good they were and here at last is the evidence. Frances reminded us just how marvellous The Lurie is, as well as telling us about her favourite local nursery which also makes up lush planters for their neighbourhood. She also found a fantastic corn maze to get lost in.

We had a strong showing from our friends in Canada. Crafty Gardener took us to Ottawa and also posed the question whether public planting is the only solution for our open spaces by showing some great sculpture as an alternative. Helen carried on this theme by revealing some innovative work in downtown Toronto, which I believe should be considered for many of our cities.

Ryan took us on a trip to the other Hyde Park - in Sydney, whilst Joanne found a colourful shop front on her visit to Bath. Meanwhile, Rothschild's Orchid enjoyed her time in Ely and at one of the more innovative of her local garden centres. I guarantee it'll make you smile!

True to her blog, Shirl found some cheerful wildflowers to show us as well as what's happening in Edinburgh. Susan reported on an excellent public space revamp close to her home in Texas, but in her usual thoughtful way is asking whether the sense of community there has been lost at the expense of having a safer neighbourhood.

James has carried on the tradition started by Rothschild's Orchid in June by showing a location which I was planning on showing you. This time it's the petrol station forecourt at the top of our road and he also threw in examples from a university and an airport for good measure.

Thanks everyone for such a good crop of posts this quarter. If I've missed your contribution, then do leave a comment with your OOTS post's URL below and I'll make sure it gets added to the list! Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you for a festive Out on the Streets in December :)


  1. Once again, I'm lagging behind, VP, so I'm glad to see you're a little late, too:) Thanks for all the links; I will have to check them out. And if I ever get around to going through my photos, I might still do a fall OOTS.

  2. Rose - I hope you enjoy them and you're most welcome to contribute a Fall post, no matter how late :)

  3. Hi VP, this is such a wonderful meme, there will be more additions from others who want to hop on board! Thanks for giving us the inspiration to look around beyond our own gardens.

  4. VP many thanks for the mention, such an interesting post you do with so many lovely locations to look at.

    I just posted about Merrow mainly about our street and the old cottages probably not quite the same as OOTS as not public planting but some cottage gardens.

  5. It was a pleasure to contribute VP.My post on French public planting turned out to be my most picked post on Blotanical so thank you :)

  6. Frances - glad you're enjoying it, especially as you had 3 helpings this quarter :)

    Joanne - thanks for taking part - it was good to see a location so close to where I live through someone else's eyes.

    Anna - no, thank you! I was really pleased to see you doing so well on the Picks front page :)

  7. I somehow have missed OOTS on my visits to Veg Plotting but I hope to participate next year. I can think of some wonderful public spaces in our area.

  8. Commonweeder - I'll look forward to seeing you :)

    Judging by everyone's comments, it looks like there's a consensus for OOTS to continue next year. I'll make that clear in December's post.


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