Unusual Front Gardens #4: Llanychaer

I'm indebted to Mark for the above picture - plus another - which he took on one of his frequent visits to Wales. In the accompanying email he said:

These pictures were taken at Llanychaer in the Gwaun Valley, Pembrokeshire.

The garden also has a kitchen range built into the wall, but I forgot to photograph it. If you look carefully at the shot of the wall you will see it has tools built into it - a coal grid? as well as the millstones. But it is the loo and the sculpture that I like best - I think it might be a farmer / rat catcher - or is it a miner?

My money's on it being a farmer as Pembrokeshire's not in Welsh coal country - what do you think? I'm particularly grateful to Mark for this picture as I set out to take a photo of the alternative 'bog garden' round the corner from me a couple of months ago, only to find the owners had moved and taken it with them! Mark's version of this particular garden genre is much more spectacular, so out of my disaster his triumph is born :)


  1. The sculpture looks, to me, as if it is a cockroach complaining that it does 'all the work round here!'!

    Do visitors sit on the loo and think about it?


  2. I think it's the kind of sculpture that would probably scare all the local children. I'm assuming it must come alive at night?

  3. Now that is strange! I'm all for individuality but I just don't get it! Although, if it is intended to scare small children, I love it!!


  4. The jury is out on this one VP but I bet that it must stop passers by in their tracks !

  5. It reminds me of the car advert on TV.

  6. Lucy - that loo looks like it's in prime position to do so doesn't it?

    Martyn - if it doesn't, I now wish it did. That would make quite a garden wouldn't it?

    Ryan - I wonder if the owner likes making his/her own sculpture in their spare time?

    Anna - well, it stopped Mark in his tracks long enough to take the photo :)

    Joanne - which one?

    Phoenix C - yes, which is what this theme is all about :D

  7. Makes a change from a garden gnome though it would be far less creepy if the insectoid face was replaced with something a bit less Alien.

  8. That's a wonderful piece of garden art. Whimsical, yet perfect for its surroundings. Very fun.

  9. It's a Bionical with a detachable brain. The skull lifts up on a hinge so you can take it in and out. (The brain.) Fortunately, this Bionical's brain is probably too big to be hoovered off the carpet by mistake.

    Continuing my Sherlock Holmes investigation - it is a Shepherd Bionical guarding its flock by night. I can tell this

    a.) Because it is Wales

    b.) Because it has a lamp

    c.) Because it's armed or carrying a wolf trap (one or the other) (or both)

    d.) Because there is a big mincer nearby with which it can prepare its Shepherd's Pie.

    I want one outside my house.


    P.S. Would the garden owner do a guest post, do you think?

  10. EG - the search is on for a gnome themed garden ;)

    MMD - it's quite a creation isn't it? I wonder if it's home made...

    Esther - perhaps we could have a design your own sculpture competition inspired by this garden and the winner gets to have theirs created for their front garden. It would be good if that garden's owner could be the judge As for a guest post, you'll have to ask Mark because he took the picture and knows where the garden actually is.


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