Smashing Pumpkins

About 5 miles from here is the village of Bromham where the surrounding fields are currently crammed with leeks, cabbages, parsnips and kale, plus one littered with cushion-like pumpkins. Unlike my clayey lime garden and plot, the soil here is light, reddish in colour and a good loam: just right for growing vegetables. However, the local farm shop in this area (belonging to V & P Collins) has just one thing on its mind at the moment...

NB Hurrah, I have a couple of biscuit (aka cookie) themed guest posts today: the first one is here and the second one is winging its way through the ether at dusk.


  1. A great picture. It is odd how the soil changes so much in only a few miles.

  2. I have a wonderful friend and neighbor who is from England. She's lived here for years, but apparently she still pines for digestives. Recently, an import store in town started getting some in, and that, along with wine now on the grocery shelves, has made life bearable.

    Biscuits from the 1970s. Gracious.

    Love the pumpkins.

  3. VP girl I am so happy to see a pumpkin(s) picture on your site for my special day/night !!
    I just know there are fans of Halloween in the UK : )
    Biscuits eh ? ... hum .....

  4. phoo--when i read 'smashing pumpkins' i thought 'pumpkin chucking'! nice photo, though. a gorgeous night, a wild wind, & happy hunting to all (candy, mighty dead, apple bobbing, divination, wild dancing, drunks in costumes--whatever flips your switch)!!!!

  5. Lovely photo. I love pumpkins - such bright colours and a friendly shape. Had my first attempt at carving them today, and survived with all limbs still attached.

  6. Mark - when I looked at the soil, I concluded Bromham must be on the same Greensand outcrop which I know is present in nearby Devizes. It's an unusual bit of Wiltshire's geology and I'm sure is one which makes the Bromham area so different to the surrounding area. As you can see from the photo, it's very much down from the chalk escarpment landscape we're more familiar with in this area.

    Susan - I bet your friend's much happier now her digestive supply's been restored to her. I'll join her in a glass of wine if I may :)

    Joy - happy Halloween! I was going to come over for a visit on your favourite day of the year (will still do that) to wish you well...

    Petoskystone - I made the title deliberately vague to lure you over ;)

    HM - a sterling effort on your part if I may say so!


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