YAWA: Your Events Guide for November

We're enjoying an Indian summer during the last days of October here in England, but the heavy weather forecast for Sunday means that we should get out tomorrow to places like Westonbirt Arboretum (pictured above) and enjoy the last of autumn's fiery leaves before they're all blown away. Once the storm's over, you might like to seek out one of the events the You Ask, We Answer team have found to help while away the darker days of November.

All month: A couple of writing events - you can either release your inner novelist by signing up for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), or if that sounds a bit like too much hard work, you could elect to post something on your blog every day this month instead. It's called National Blog Posting Month, aka NaBloPoMo and you can write about anything and make it as long or short as you like!

2nd-8th November: British Sausage Week. A celebration of all things banger and rather apt in view of the other events scheduled over the next few days.

5th November: Bonfire Night. This event truly reveals our nation's eccentricity. Who else would celebrate not only a treasonable act, but the fact it didn't succeed? I was once trying to explain this event to someone in Mallorca and with my limited Spanish I'd just managed to tell her about the national obsession with bonfires and fireworks (especially bangers and firecrackers) on this day. Ahh, she said thinking the penny had finally dropped, so you have Saints days too?

8th November: Remembrance Sunday. Everything stops for one minute at 11am.

24th November: First mistletoe auction of the season, Tenbury Wells.

28th November: Buy Nothing Day. A chance to get off the consumer rollercoaster for once.

28th November - 6th December: National Tree Week. A very good time to plant a tree - I know because I used to arrange volunteer weekends to plant 1,000 of them on mine spoil heaps in South Wales at this time of the year. We've even planted them in the snow!

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the Comments below...


  1. Thanks, VP. A friend was a past graduate of NaNoWriMo -- but I might go for the blogging option. Cheers!

  2. Helen - I see you've signed up already and 'fessed on what you're planning on doing on your blog. Well done.

  3. But i am calling it NaBlWriMo for National Blog Writing Month…but i can’t write..i love to read..it..

  4. You were right about the weather Saturday was glorious a real summer day but Sunday here in Surrey was the pits heavy rain and wind winter began.

  5. BSL - as you'll see from the badge I'm displaying in the sidebar on the left, the official title is NaBloPoMo ;)

    Joanne - wasn't it just - a real curl up in the warm kind of day.


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