ABC Wednesday 5: M is For...


I know I've used this for the letter M previously, but it's high time I responded to Carrie's invitation from aaaaaaages ago to tell you 10 things you don't know about me already. I've been tagged in this way before, so you might want to catch up with the story so far by looking here and here, whilst not forgetting here. BTW I've seen a number of people wonder recently what a meme is, speculating it's all about me and the navel gazing egos we sometimes display whilst blogging. That may be so, but it does have an academic meaning too, coined by Richard Dawkins no less, which you can read about here.

Without any further ado, here's my pick of 10 things you might not know about me:
  • I love crunchy peanut butter
  • I hate marmite
  • I can do tricks with a diabolo
  • I can't juggle with more than 2 objects
  • The sweet smell of freesias knocks my socks off
  • The vile smell of tea makes me feel sick
  • I've eaten a whole lemon
  • I've yet to try an ugli fruit
  • I haven't caught a trout using a rod and line
  • I've netted hundreds of them (legally) using an electrode

Thanks Carrie for your kind compliment by choosing me and I hope you enjoy my response. Now, I'm supposed to pass this award along to a few people. However, I've seen at least 2 similar versions of this meme doing the rounds at the moment, so I expect the majority of people I know have either done this already, or are the kind of folk who would prefer to pass on the invitation. If you're reading this and would like to take part, feel free to do so. Please let me know if you do, because I'm nosey and would like to see the result!

For other Marvellous M's do Meander over to the ABC Wednesday blog.


  1. I always wondered how meme was pronounced. I was unsure if it was me me or may may but now, thanks to your link, I see that it is meam. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for taking up the baton and running with it. I thought you would have done millions of these but I when given my 1st one I thought, 'I'd like to know about fabulous disco ball blogger; VP'. I'm sure you must be tired of them but I thank you and been mine (apart from my allergy to peanut butter - not fair and I never fish, legally or not). SO I too have eaten a whole lemon yet never tried an uglo fruit, there's something wrong in that!?

  3. Linda - hi! Glad to be of service. I wondered about the pronunciation too until I researched what it actually meant.

    Carrie - only too pleased to join in - I'm not tired of them at all, they're a good excuse to try something different for a change. But please everyone, that's not an invitation for me to do some more, I do like a break between them!

  4. PS The fishing was part of a research programme to see how our rivers are doing and for me to see if a technique for predicting trout populations in Wales could be used elsewhere. So we had to put them back afterwards. Well, most of them, we were allowed to have a few...

  5. Always strange to find out little things about fellow bloggers.

  6. Umm, what's marmite? Is it made from marmosets?

  7. A very amusing seletion of meme's. Nice to learn more about you.

  8. What fun this is - memes comes in all varieties, for sure. I was surprised to learn of fishing without a rod and reel but with an electrode. I'll have to investigate that!

  9. A nice choice for M's - where would we be without Memes and all their variations. A wonderful form of communication.

  10. For some reason I thought meme was pronounced to rhyme with stem!!

    I think we need photographic evidence of the tricks you can do with the diabolo!

    I like reading other people's memes.

  11. Snap - crunchy peanut butter and the effect of the smell of tea ! Used to pinch my nose as a child when making tea with tea leaves for the tea drinkers in my family - :( Teabags are a slightly less offensive.

  12. I like crunchy peanut butter too, but don't like marmite!
    Well done a good meme post. I've never been keen on doing them, and generally only do so with great reluctance! xx

  13. As someone whose first and last names start with M, I've become very fond of the letter! :)

  14. Memes can be fun. I enjoyed yours!

  15. Great facts, VP.
    Is someone going to put poor MMD (and the marmosets) out of her misery?

    It is nice to know I'm not the only one who can't stand tea - sometimes it seems as though people consider me strange and rather "un-british".

    WV is shessity which made me giggle, as it made me think of someone with the wrong sized false teeth trying to describe a belt like device to help young ladies maintain their virtue...

  16. I take it food is quite an important thing to you then.

  17. I don't get marmite at all! My dear, what do you dunk your biscuits into!

  18. I do memes all the time, but the for/eight/ten things thing is just TOO HARD. Have to create from whole cloth.
    I recommend Sunday Stealing for a variety of memes.

  19. hello! Good to see you the other day - did you avoid the horrific toasters at the NEC?
    nice meme - I think it is lovely to know little bits and bobs about people, as we are all so complex and you only get a snippet of a person over the net.
    Plus, I'm with Ms Sock - what exactly CAN you do with a diabolo???

  20. Babooshka - strange? I'm very nosey, so I like finding out about the person behind the blog!

    MMD - have been over to explain, but the YAWA team are on the case for a full blown production number for both you and Gail ;)

    Photwannabe, Hildred & Charles, Sherry - thanks :)

    Tumblewords - it's a research technique and you need a full medical and take an exam before you're given a licence!

    Arabella - alas no photographic or video evidence yet. Will a letter from my 8 year-old nephew do instead? He thinks his auntie is dead cool because she can do more with a diabolo than he can. It's the latest craze at his school...

    Anna - I have to turn my head away when I make tea for NAH, even when it's tea bags! That's got to be a real love is moment hasn't it - me making tea for him, when the stuff makes me ill!

    Flighty - I enjoy them as it's usually a chance to do something a little different. I might feel differently if I got them to do all the time though!

    Monica - hurrah!

    HM - yes, I quite often feel un-British too. It's made me try several times to like the stuff, but it really doesn't like me at all :( That's got to be one of the best WV's in ages ;)

    Joanne - I don't quite know where you get that from. By my reckoning, less than half of my facts are to do with food?

    Gail - are we talking American or British biscuits? ;) It's a spread which NAH quite happily spreads on his toast, much to my disgust! My mum tells me I used to throw my bread on the floor as a baby if she spread marmite on it. So my dislike's been there pretty much since birth!

    Roger - I already take part in several memes as well as ABC Wednesday. I rather like the tag you're it style ones though as it's a bit of fun between blogfriends. Thanks for letting me know about Sunday Stealing. Personally I'm not quite sure about it, because it's ripping off others hard work and inventiveness. I prefer to do a meme directly with the host or hostess. However, I'm sure lots of people such as yourself find it a useful source of ideas and fun.

    Claire - it was lovely to see you too :) I did manage to miss those, but I ALWAYS see the Toastabag stand at these things. That bit's OK, but for some reason they combine that product with selling collapsible plastic vases. I'm not quite sure why they've hit on selling those 2 products on 1 stand. And I've yet to find myself needing a collapsible plastic vase - are there lots of people out there who get loads of surprise bouquets and therefore need them?


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