A Slice of (Big) Apple Pie

I'm indebted to Daryl for sending me this image from her marvellous blog about life in New York, which in turn she got from a friend. I often return to it, even after 18 months or so as it still makes me giggle and ponder a little. That bottom section's painfully true - I managed to lose an entire packet of autumn onion sets up at the allotment the other day within minutes of putting them down 'somewhere' *. I also wonder what to replace Working with - Blogging in the winter and Gardening in the summer perhaps?

If you were to sum up your life in a pie chart, what would it look like?

I'm off to Oxford tomorrow for the Food Growing Bloggers get together (yippee and hopefully another slice of Cat's delicious marmalade topped apple pie will be available just like last year), followed by a workshop on potatoes on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday :)

Oh, and UK bloggers don't forget: there's the possibility of an extra hour's lie-in on Sunday as the clocks go back in the wee small hours. What's the betting seeing NAH's away that I'll forget, rush around like a lunatic and arrive in Oxford way before the workshop starts?

* = I did find them and they're planted now - they were on the little plot next to the one I was going to put them in. I 'hid' them by a pile of weeds, but I had to go back to the car and retrace all my steps on the plot before I found them again. No wonder I'm terrified dementia's a mere brain cell away ;)


  1. I think that my "looking for things .." might take up an even bigger slice of the pie chart - it is very stressful :(

    Glad you found the onion sets - and have a fab time in Oxford

  2. Karen - I was talikng to a friend the other day on this very topic. I was moaning about how I get up to get something out of the fridge and open the cupboard next to it and vice versa. She told me the time to worry is when you've lost your purse and you find it in the fridge.

  3. Haha - I love that pie chart, it's SO true! I seem to spend a lot of time retracing my steps trying to remember what I was going to fetch/do or to look for 'lost'things that I've put in a safe place! :)

    Enjoy Oxford.

  4. 'Looking' for things would be a big part of my life pie chart too :) The clocks falling back this weekend is an irritable thorn in the side of himself, who is working on Saturday night. Have a good weekend - it sounds as if it should be most interesting.

  5. that pie chart is amazing - I think I would add 'running about and trying to do 100 things in the time it takes to do 50' or something paraphrased along these lines.
    I am always losing pens - they just walk off my desk I am sure.
    I told my Dad once that the onset on demensia is sometimes shown by the loss of being able to smell a lemon - an interesting fact I saw/read somewhere. He rang me up a few hours later in a bit of a panic as he had been frantically sniffing the lemons in the fruitbowl to no avail - there was no smell. I told him to check if they were waxed. They were. He still hasn't lived it down...

  6. That's a great pie chart. Change the sleeping section to 'trying to sleep', the working section to 'blogging and photography or thinking about said things' and you've got me sumed up. Though occasionally it's just a big pie of sleep, it all seems to come at once after a drought.

  7. You are not hopeless yet. At least, you remember what you lost. I need to try to make such pie chart for myself. Thank you!

  8. Love that chart. Would like char how much time I look for missing socks.

  9. some years back i lost a pound package of hot dogs. never saw hair nor ripped corner of packaging again!

  10. Yes the diagram made me chuckle too and not sure where my blogging and gardening fit in rather a large segment I imagine.
    I popped by to say at long last I have got round to doing the Meme you tagged me for many weeks ago. Do pop by to have a look. I have linked back to your blog.

  11. Excellent pie chart :-D

    Mine would have rather more sleeping and resting, quite a lot of wasting time when I should be doing something else, and not as much gardening as I'd like it to have. Looking for things I've lost wouldn't feature that much, but there'd be a lot of writing things down so I don't forget to do them and then realising too late that I forgot to read the list.

    I like the butt in your previous post too :-D

  12. Oh dear. I do find things in the fridge that I have lost and I am worried.

  13. Well I'm glad to know that others have this same problem! It doesn't mean we'll stop losing things, but at least we're all losing things together.

  14. The chart is so true. What is also worrying is the losing - then the searching - then the finding of the thing somewhere you have already looked. Deeply irritating.

  15. Nutty Gnome - it's got even worse since I published this pie chart!

    Anna - going back's fine, it's the going forward which really fazes me :(

    Claire - I would have tried out that test immediately, but waxed lemons seems to be the only option available to me at the moment. Tsk.

    Carrie - the gardening bit has loads of blogging tied up in there for me too, because that's often when the ideas come. They often write themselves there and then, sometimes when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep too. Perhaps I should have an enormous slice called Blogging which covers all the other activities too on a very flexible basis and be done with it!

    Tatyana - hmm, how do I know there's stuff I don't know I've lost, if you get my drift...

    Debbi - tee hee ;)

    Petoskystone - sounds like some sort of animal was involved in there somewhere!

    Joanne - thank you - will come on over...

    Juliet - oh yes, there should be a BIG segment for list making. I usually have several on the go at once because I keep losing them...

    Arabella - don't worry. I think if you find them in there knowing they were lost that's OK. The time to worry is when you didn't know you'd lost them in the first place!

    Susan - yes, we're all one big community here. That's rather reassuring :)

    EG - I think this post chimes with the recent view of your desk you gave us ;)


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