New Product Decisions - Your Help is Needed

Last week I was asked for my opinions about a new product Greenhouse Sensation are developing as shown above.

I've replied already, and they're keen to hear what you have to say too!

Here's what was said in the accompanying email:

We are very close to releasing a new product, we just need to confirm the colour and I would be very grateful for your thoughts on the product idea, colours etc 

The product is a more attractive and compact version of the Quadgrow, with 2x 12litre (30cm) pots and a 17 litre reservoir. It’s approximately 60cms long and 30cms wide. 

We may also create a black one which would have a slightly lower price, but a less lovely finish too and we might or might not have the option to link two units together to make a 4-pot version – though I would be grateful if you would let me have your thoughts on the usefulness of such a feature. 

If you think it would be appropriate I would be happy for you to ask your readers which of the options they prefer too. 

So now's your chance - just leave a comment below with your thoughts. I'll pass them on if they're left before October 23rd.


  1. I'm afraid none of the above - I would never buy anything that colour green. All black (maybe all white too, but not sure as it might look dirty?) would be better.

  2. NB everyone - I'm not going to discuss any of your opinions as part of my reply as I'd like everyone responding later to give their own opinions. I'll add something about your comments and what I said last week after Oct 23rd.

  3. I think 4 is nice as you would see when to put some more water in unless it has a water level on it somewhere I can not see from the photos

  4. Must admit I look on this sort of thing as functional, rather than attractive. And that being the case, the colour wouldn't make much difference to me if I felt I needed to buy one. However, pushed for a decision, I guess 1. Agree with Linda, though, if 4 would let you see water level and others wouldn't.

    1. Thanks Helen - some more good food for thought :)

  5. Must admit I wouldn't choose the green colouring either. Not that shade anyway.

  6. 1 and 2 I think, I imagine the white would be difficult to keep clean. It sounds like they are quite big, so if four pots joined together wouldn't fit on the windowsill then it probably wouldn't be necessary.

    1. Thanks CJ - I'm loving how everyone has such good points to make.


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