Take One Bag of Windfalls...

My apple harvest seems to be about 3 weeks behind schedule this year and yesterday was the first time I've had a substantial bag of windfalls to pick up at the allotment. The above picture shows what 16 pounds  of apples (aka just over 7 kilos) looks like :)

So what did I do with them yesterday evening?

  • Used 5lbs to make a batch of Apple Jelly (NAH will be pleased as it's his favourite)
  • Used 1lb to make a Windfall Cake
  • The rest were washed, cored, chopped and microwaved in 4 huge batches, then spooned into various containers and stored in the freezer. These will be added to my daily bowl of porridge when my freshly chopped apples run out around December/January time

NB all my apples are dessert varieties - Falstaff, James Grieve, Kidd's Orange Red, Saturn, Scrumptious and Sunset in this instance - and I don't bother to peel them for these recipes.

Other options you could try:
  • Use approx 4.5lb to make some Easy Apple Juice. Or with all the apple day events coming up and if you choose the right one, you could take the whole lot and have your own freshly pressed apple juice made for you
  • I'm pretty sure Sarah Raven's Perch Hill Rhubarb Cordial could be adapted to make apple cordial instead (and use up approx 4.5lb in the process)

Do you have any of your own apple favourites to add to the list?

Update: Carl Legge has produced a list of his favourite apple recipes for Apple Day. I particularly like the look of his recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar.


  1. That's an impressive haul, even if it was a tad late! I'm even more impressed with the way you turned the whole lot into really tasty things.

    1. Thanks Janet - I'm sure there'll be more to come :)

  2. My apple trees are only three year old youngsters VP but this is the latest that I've picked the fruit. I still have a few 'Sunset' clinging to the branches. I like the sound of 'Windfall Cake' :)

    1. There's still plenty more to be picked, Anna, especially on the Saturn and Sunset trees. We still have Red Windsor and Herefordshire Russet to pick at home. Do try the cake - you get one of your 5 a day with each slice :)

  3. Lovely. I've got some windfalls, but not nearly as many as you. I'm thinking apple cake as well.

  4. You are very lucky indeed. I haven't put apple trees on our allotments because we've moved allotments so many times and it would be an expensive loss if we moved again. It's one of the risks of having an allotment in London - the land is so valuable with every last square inch being built on that you never know when you might be evicted. Still - looking forward to a trip to Brogdale Apple Day for some more apple envy

    1. Now I'm very envious of your visit to Brogdale, Colleen. It's on my must-see list :)


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