A Bird Feeder Make for Wild About Gardens Week

Inspired by my recent foray into the world of Sugru and to celebrate Wild About Gardens week, I made a couple of simple bird feeders on Sunday. This used up my second little packet of yellow, plus a couple of left over posh pudding glass dishes and some spare tapestry wool.

The above pictures should give you an idea of how I went about it. I used a metal skewer to make the holes through which I threaded the tapestry wool - allowing a day for the sugru to harden before the threading.

These feeders won't withstand the kind of weather we had over the weekend and yesterday, but they make an attractive addition to the garden on calmer days like today. I'm considering replacing the wool with some garden wire to make a more robust feeder.

The apples you can see in the top picture are Herefordshire russet, a variety with a superb flavour. They're late to pick this year and I'll be leaving those on the hard-to-reach branches as a tithe for the birds. They seem to like their flavour too.


  1. lovely post thanks for sharing

  2. Too many cats here for birds. Too many cats here for rats. (Lots of dead ones being distributed as gifts.)

    1. These were hung out of the way of our cats. Luckily we don't have rats. (I think)
      In the summer I'll be using these as tea light holders

  3. What a great idea. I bet those apples are nice, I do like to see local varieties being grown.

  4. They look really cheerful, I am sure the birds will appreciate them - though possibly not as much as they will enjoy those apples!


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