Unusual Front Gardens #16: Derelict

Whilst on holiday in Ireland, it took me a while to realise these 'houses' were derelict. The brightly painted windows and doors plus the flowers in front with the lush vegetation behind had disguised them. This was right in the middle of the village close to where we were staying, so it was a very prominent spot just a few yards from the entrance to Mount Usher gardens.

Quite a few derelict buildings in County Wicklow sported the painted treatment, but I saw no others with flowers.


  1. Seeing these flowers and the paintings made me wonder who the caring gardener and artist(s) is. Certainly more appealing than a crumbling stone wall! It made me smile:)

    1. Hi Rose - it looked like the village street flowers were looked after by the local council. It's likely that these flowers were included in their remit. It made me smile too - especially after I'd realised we'd driven past them several times and not noticed they were unoccupied!

  2. What a wonderful way to beautify an otherwise drab place.
    Hope you are having a beautiful day!

    1. It's been beautiful today, thanks Lea - how's things on your side of the pond?

  3. I know of a few 'lived in' houses that could do with the same treatment!

  4. I love to see caring little details like this. :A great way of disguising a derelict house, the kind of thing that lifts people's spirits.

  5. A novel idea, we could do with more of that to cheer us up on a dull day!

  6. Do you think this has been a thing in Ireland for a long time, or do you think Obama's visit in January got things going? There was a whole lot of fuss about their painting empty shop fronts to look as if they were open when he drove by. Clever.

    1. Hi Helen, I've no idea! Some of the other examples we saw were out of the way, so they wouldn't have been where Obama was going. However, they could have been inspired by the clean-up operation happening elsewhere.

      There's a company based here in Chippenham which specialises in providing 'covers' which are put into empty shop windows to make it look like there's still a shop open there. So the concept isn't restricted to Ireland!


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