How Advertising Works in Chippenham 4

  1. Decide to show advertisements on petrol/diesel (gas) pumps at your fuel station
  2. Accept one from a company promoting energy saving and display accordingly
  3. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice the odd juxtaposition of product sold versus product advertised
  4. Et voila!

Click on the picture if you need a closer look. Click here for the previous item in this series ;)

NB Don't worry if you couldn't make yesterday's Dinner Party meme, I'm leaving the link on the top righthand sidebar for a while if you'd like to join in. It's been such fun and fascinating to see everyone's choices, my thanks to everyone who's taken part so far. I already have some ideas for a few other memes to while away the winter blues :)


  1. I might join in the dinner party VP...although my guests would have been at several other parties and may be exhausted from the fantastic conversation!
    Can't wait to see what else you've up your sleeve to keep us entertained for the rest of winter!


  2. plane advertising is novel and unique. It’s unusual and different. People see the airplane messages and they think about what they saw. They might remember the product long after the plane is out of sight and the airplane advertising is long gone.

  3. I blissfully ignore advertising of all sorts, regardless of where it is. (Advertisers probably don't wanna know about that, though.)

  4. Air plane advertising - you're spam - which gets through to here rarely and I should delete you.

    But for once you can stay. Because you can't read my post in its context, you don't know how hilarious it is that you've left a message on here ;)

    Susan - glad you liked it!

    Gail - Looking forward to seeing who you invite :)

    Jodi - same here, but this occasional series is about those adverts which don't quite make it and are hilarious as a result.

  5. Airplane advertising...hmmm, excellent tip! Let's all rush out and buy some. ;-)

  6. You're garden mission statement is up at Gardening With Confidence - check it out and Thanks! Helen

  7. There are actual video screens showing ads at the pumps here at Walmarts. It is sort of creepy.

  8. Susan - it did make me laugh when it appeared here ;)

    Helen - thanks, I had a look at it yesterday :)

    Deb - I found the conversion to paying at the pump a bit creepy. I'm not sure I want adverts playing there too.

  9. Why do people respond well to Aerial Advertising ?

  10. At least you have only to look at the adverts. At some gas stations around here, you can't help hearing them on video when you start the pump. I've taken to cranking up the radio.
    LOL - Air Plane Advertising is just completely clueless!

  11. apa - 3 strikes and you're out..

    MMD - Aren't they just? ;)


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