Gulp! What Have I Done?

This little lot arrived a couple of days ago. I have 14 weeks to get myself to the point of being able to power walk a marathon with the top half of my body just sporting a bra*. Thank goodness it's through the night: I don't want to put off the locals.

It seemed such a good idea that Friday afternoon back in October when S proposed we do something a little more challenging...

You can find out more about it here. According to the schedule, training starts next Sunday. I thought I'd better start straight away, so you could say I'm in training for the training at the moment. Wish me luck!

* = since I applied to do this, NAH's idea of Moonwalking is to walk backwards with his bum sticking out ;)


  1. Best of luck with the training VP - a wonderful cause.

  2. I am full of admiration and would like to sponsor you VP. My sister has done the Moonwalk a couple of times and said that it was great fun. Sadly she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. However I am pleased to say that she is doing well. Wishing you all the best with the fitness regime, training etc. I chuckled at NAH's definition :)

  3. Good for you! Good luck on your training for training... wait... was that right? LOL

  4. Good luck - dont forget tolet us know how to sponsor you

  5. Good luck, for sure! It sounds like a lot of fun. My mother and Charlie's are both breast cancer survivors.

  6. I know people who have done this and had a great time, apart from the blisters (only kidding!), and raised lots of money for a good cause.
    Well done on giving it a go and good luck when you do.
    I trust that we'll be able to sponsor you. I'll obviously mention it and show a link as I did with your Open Garden/WaterAid. xx

  7. Hi VP, Good on you! That sounds like a fun thing to do. Locally, we have a three-day walk for breast cancer, where people camp in between days. I haven't done it even though my friend Carole is a breast-cancer survivor. The truth is, I'm not very fit, but one of my evil plans is to walk or bike every day, starting today! Good luck on your practice runs!

  8. I've never got round to doing one of these, but friends who are veterans say the word 'bra' can be very loosely interpreted. (Perhaps loose is the wrong word here...)
    Anyway, by the time they added yards of fringing or feather boa, or bunches of flowers or whatever, it was extremely difficult to see what they had on at all.

  9. Good for you. We have the three day walks here, but I have never got up the nerve to do it.

  10. Well, good on ya, VP! I hope you have a blast.

  11. Thanks for your good wishes everyone. I'll keep them in mind when I set off on another 3 mile walk tomorrow :)

    And Victoria - I'm definitely going down the fringing/boa/flowers/whatever it takes to disguise it and me when it comes to decorating my bra ;)

  12. Good for you. I am not sure I could manage only wearing my bra (on top of course!) - I would be too self conscious about the extra stone I am carrying. Mind you if weightwatchers online does it bit I shall soon be svelte again! Here's hoping.

  13. Weeeeell Elizabethm, I have a little bit more than an extra stone to shift, which is one of the reasons for doing it.

  14. You go, girl!! Maybe I'll get inspired to get moving, too! I've been quite sedentary lately.

    I walked in a Susan Komen walk in DC several yrs ago. Just part of a whole family attended. It was a blast.

    I had cancer 5 yrs ago...but not breast cancer. Mine can come back...too, it's just not as 'well known'. I'm fine though:)

  15. Jan - so glad you've recovered well. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  16. Are you attaching sequins and lace to your undies yet? We can't wait to see!

  17. Chiot's Run - thanks for your visit and good wishes :)

    FGG - we're doing that at a party nearer the time ;)


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