Our Choir Has a Website

Well to be truthful our choimaster's got a website, but it's designed not only to promote his work, but for us to use it too. From now on we can find the song sheets for the new ones we're learning plus YouTube videos where available. There's also a 'singalonga' section which is structured like the practice CDs we've had previously. There's the full version of each song, plus its breakdown into each of the parts. You'll also find photos of various singing events - I'm to be found in a couple of them...

I'm particularly enjoying the YouTube video of So Happy Together at the moment.


  1. I love singing, but go for enthusiasm rather than accuracy as I have the musical abilities of a dead slug!
    So I quite envy you for being in a choir - they'd chuck me out - no, that's not true - they'd never let me in in the first place! Enjoy!

  2. when i hear 'choir' i think 'small' & 'church'. no more! your choir (in the photo) is huge.

  3. What fun! But how do you find the time? You are a busy, busy gal. ;-)

  4. Nutty Gnome - you'd still be welcome in our choir. Chris says - if you can talk you can sing!

    Petoskystone - that was loads of choirs that came together for Sing for Water in London last year - 1,000 of us!

    Susan - I do everything not as thoroughly as I'd like to! About to get busier too...

  5. An excellent way to share infomation and to save on some phone calls. I keep thinking that maybe our garden club could do with a website, and am trying to talk myself into to setting one up :)

  6. Anna - it's been great as I've been practising a couple of our new songs whilst blogging!


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