It's Snowing

Unlike most of the rest of England we haven't had snowstorms overnight, the worst for 18 years in some places. However at 7.30 this morning the weather decided it was time for us to join in. As you can see Jess wasn't that impressed, nor was our neighbour who's just started on her walk into work. I suspect if we had groundhogs around here, they'd be staying firmly underground, so we wouldn't be predicting an early spring. I wonder whether that's the case over the pond - happy Groundhog Day everyone!

NAH decided that no matter what, he's still going on his regular volunteer day at Midsomer Norton, 25 miles away. He's helping to rebuild a steam engine and missed out yesterday as he was competing at a swimming event. He's promised not to try getting there via the 1 in 4 incline at Wellow though and has also packed a flask of coffee plus the snow spade - we may have moved down from the north east 25 years ago, but we're still geared up for northern winters. More snowy pictures can be found here and here are some snowy flowers 2 days later.

What's the weather like down your way today?


  1. It has been snowing constantly since about 0630. Very fine stuff, but enough to coat everything and for it to be enough of a menace.

  2. A few flakes here and there yesterday, but then much to my surprise there was a couple of inches on the ground this morning. Our first snow of the winter. Blue skies and sunshine just now. Himself slithered home after working a night shift but will walk into work tonight. I am glad to hear that NAH is suitably attired and that Jess has got a good spec. Keep warm !

  3. Snowing like billyo. Started yesterday afternoon - we got back from Offchurch to find we were snowy. Set off for work this morning but even the main roads were bad and I, along with everyone else, had to turn round before Broughton Hill. I was 5 miles from home and it took 3/4 hour to go there and back. PAD did his 3 mile drive to work and rang 10 mins or so ago to say that he is walking home. I anticipate the arrival of a snowman in about an hour. It rather nice to have an unexpected day at home, but as you can tell I am thinking of things to do other than the decorating!

  4. Just a dusting here - but then we are by the sea. Lovely sunshine here just now! :)

  5. Yep, we've had 18" of snow overnight, more than I can remember seeing in a very long time, and it's still snowing. All trains are cancelled, school's out, and we're confined to barracks. Can't even buy food as we can't get to the shops, so we're eating out of the freezer. I know people in places like Switzerland and Maine are used to stuff like this, but I just can't help thinking - wow!

  6. Not too much here in Worcester - yes it is snowing but not heavily yet - can still see bits of green grass. A dusting like Karen but no sunshine!

  7. Snowing just stopped here, been snowing since early morning though..but now freezing fast!

    Our lane is trecherous!

    Cw from Herefordshire

  8. Snowing here in Westbury but not heavily. Looks icy though so I'm staying indoors today. My friend's cat won't go out either.

  9. Umm, I think today's high is supposed to be around 70 F (21 C).

    No snow. ;-)

  10. This is nothing for us in the Midwest US, but the cold and snow seem to reaching farther south this year. It makes you wonder about climate change...
    Had to comment when I saw the picture of Jess. I took a similar photo of our Toby just the other day. The top of the couch in front of the large picture window is his favorite spot to perch, so that he can watch the birds:)

  11. Ooops, no, spoke too soon. I just checked the weather and it's only supposed to get up to 56 F (13 C) here. Not exactly balmy, but still not snowy, either...

  12. the weather is warm enough to melt some of the ice & snow. but we are supposed to get a piddly 2" of snow in the next storm. was going to be 8", but the majority of the storm is moving out to sea at the moment. just hope it's snow & not rain. all rain does is freeze.......

  13. Okay I admit, there is just a little bit of envy here in the Middle South of Tennessee! ...but we did have 60 degree weather (15.6 C). Now it's getting cold again!
    The word ver is weari...I am weary of winter!

  14. We have about 5-6" of snow and it has not really stopped all day.
    The 3 cats are very unimpressed and I have had to bring a temporary cat litter tray inside. The large plant pot in the conservatory was proving too tempting. Argh!

  15. I spoke too soon as well - snowing heavily now and my car is just a white heap. I'm now definately officially hibernating for a few days.

  16. What a great picture of Jess looking disgusted! It's been really fun reading the blogs of some of you in the UK, reporting on the snow. I was astonished when I heard about it on the morning news at 0700--but not as astonished as those who work up to it!

  17. Sounds cold. TY for stopping by.

  18. Hi
    Just happened on your blog following links , love it!
    Small world but I live in betweeen Wellow and Midsomer Norton so you already know what the weather is like here! We've been watching people struggle up our hill all day!
    Feel free to drop by my blog and say hi


  19. We might get a flake around midnight. Then there will be three flakes in NC. Me, MrD, and the lonely little frozen addition if it makes it to the ground. We'll shut down the whole town and hibernate inside for a week.

  20. I've been giggling my way through these English snow posts. It's so refreshing to read about snow from someone who hasn't been looking at it for the past month. I've seen so much snow, I'm starting to be able to put it into different categories (i.e., good packing snow, heart-attack snow, fakey looking Hollywood-esque snow, sparkly snow, pellety snow). Spring is just around the corner, right?

  21. This is absolutely nothing to do with snow: the picture of Jess looking out of the window has just made me realise why your cats look sort of familiar.
    Have you ever seen the work of the Scottish artist Elizabeth Blackadder? Google Elizabeth Blackadder cats and see what you come up with. She painted good flower pictures too!

  22. Hi everyone - well the snow really got us going didn't it? Thanks for your weather reports, it was great to here from you and imagine what it was like over at yours. Of course, some of you posted as well, so I could see as well as imagine! And of course, I could hear all my US/Canadian colleagues snickering at how so little snow is seen as so importatnt over here ;)

    Maggi - decorating is usually the last thing on my mind, just a little bit behind housework! PAD as a snowman has made me giggle a lot!

    Jodi - I'm surprised we made the news in Canada - the impact on London is what did it presumably?

    Maxine - welcome! And how opportune for you to stop by on a day I mention Wellow and MSN :)

    Victoria - I see what you mean :) I'd been recommended Elizabeth Blackadder when I started to draw/paint flowers for my gardening course. Strangely cats didn't feature then, even though I see now she often puts the two together. I do like her collage-like paintings.

  23. I do know how your neighbour must have been feeling, I had a struggle to get into work on Monday. Where I work closes for no-one! I didn't get to play in the snow, by the time I got home it was dark. x

  24. Hi Louise - when I worked we had to get in too. It might have been a struggle today though as pretty much the whole of Bristol came to a halt!

    Shame you couldn't go out and play - have a good weekend!x


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