Snowdrop Census - Week 3

Back Garden - 181
Front Garden - 78
Side Garden - 243
Guerilla Garden - 198
The deep purple Iris reticulata and purple Crocuses made their first appearance this week. The Tulips are pushing through and the Daffodils are well on their way.


  1. None of that is up here yet....too cold and lots of snow....very pretty

  2. Hi Neva - I always like it when people add comments about what's happening in their neck of the woods. When do you expect to see yours?

    Have a great weekend...

  3. Snowdrops in full bloom here now and what is surprising some little daffs have opened - probably a good two weeks ahead of last year. A welcome splash of colour though. What is your guerilla garden ?

  4. Hi Anna - good to hear from you again! My 'guerilla garden' is the public land at the side of the house where I've planted lots of bulbs such as snowdrops and daffodils to make it look better in the spring and to blend in a bit more with my narrow side garden. I started doing this before I found out there's such a thing as Guerilla Gardening, where groups of people get together to plant up waste bits of unused public space, usually at night and in cities. You can find out more about at:

    I also blogged about it last year - my version is just me, a bit more rural and usually in daylight!

  5. Thank you for your explanation - I will have a look at the link later. I have heard of this before but could not remember what it was called. I have done something similar. Our garden has a surface water stream along one of the boundaries. The other side seems to be unadopted and I have planted snowdrops and hellbore seedlings there. I remember seeing a news article not so long ago about a woman who was putting in a lot of effort in planting up and maintaining a roundabout. The local council was 'concerned' that she was breaking health and safety regulations when she was tending to this area. They wanted her to cease her activities !

  6. Hi Anna - only too glad to help! The news article you refer to is about a lady who lives very close to me - common sense has prevailed and she's back to gardening on her roundabout in (relative) peace now.


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