New Life's Resolutions

I haven't got much further with my resolutions since I wrote about them on Tuesday. I feel very childlike at the moment - like the world is full of opportunities and I'm reluctant to close the door on any of them. I'm savouring the feeling!

However, I do think my resolutions for my next stage in life will fall into 4 distinct categories or goals:

Find my passion
I often think that I'm a Jill of all trades and master of none. I'm far too interested in lots of things and I'm envious of anyone who really shines at one thing or is like NAH, who can focus single mindedly on one thing in great detail year after year. I suppose that's why he's an engineer and I'm not. So this goal is to find something that really floats my boat.

Make a personal difference
I've spent most of my working life in large organisations getting lost in the big picture. It's hard to put my hand on my heart and say I've made a real difference in anything that I've done, even though it seemed extremely important at the time. Now's my opportunity to do so.

Increase my potential lifespan
Lots of my NYRs usually fall into this category. It's time to give my health a real overhaul.

Reduce my carbon footprint
I try to think green and even have some university qualifications that say I do. However, I was shocked to find my rating in this quiz is just 68%. It's time to do something about it.

I realise these categories are a bit woolly and it'll be hard to say when I've achieved them. That's the next stage of the process when I'll be setting more detailed objectives for each category.


  1. What a thoughtful and thought provoking post. I immediately tried the quiz and have put a link to it right at the top of my blog. Then I rushed around the house putting off all the unnecessary lights!

    As for your other points-the one that chimed most with me was the Jill of all trades comment.I am one as well. I have been "pursuing other interests" since I stopped work 2 years ago and have found many things I love. I can't say now I am ever going to be really good at anything, but I am so enjoying the search. I blame the school..: )

  2. I suspect I'll be just the same, but it'll be fun finding out - you've hit the nail on the head re the school!

  3. Have you heard of the New Life Resolutions community at ??

    Just wondering

  4. Hi Bruce, thanks for visiting and telling me about it :)

  5. I'm a JIll of all trades too, but I'm secretly rather proud of it and you should be too. I like to think it indicates a certain flexibility of mind, or at the very least an inclination to inquire and discover. It can be a very useful asset - especially if you're a journalist like me and need to get your head around several different issues each day. Think of it this way: if we were male, we'd be called Renaissance Men, or polymaths!

  6. Victoria - I think I'd get bored doing just one thing in great detail. I like your idea of being a polymath :)

  7. polymath.. well there is a new word for me.. LOL

  8. Bruce - I'm taking it as a great complimement as lots of our great and the good (particularly from Victorian times like photography pioneer William Henry Fpx Talbot) are described as such :)


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