Yes, I've Won a Lettuce

This popped through my letter box on Saturday. I'd completely forgotten I'd entered the competition on the RHS' Grow Your Own Veg website. I'm not happy about the (just about recyclable) plastic packaging though. It contains a 'patented granulate' which soaks up water. The seeds are meant to be at the top, though whether they've stayed that way whilst being conveyed through our postal system remains to be seen - I'll keep you posted (!).

According to the growing instructions, the container should be filled right to the top with water which should be replenished each time the granulate starts getting lighter. It also says helpfully that the Lollo Rosso lettuce is edible and goes with all meals.


  1. This is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. As I said before, your are in my gardening blog roll as well as the favs blog roll.

    Have a great week,
    Troy and Martha

  2. What is the globular shiny metal thing in your user pic? There's something similar in Millennium Park in Chicago. I think of it as the Giant Jellybean, but it must have a more official name!
    ~ Monica

  3. Slug proof lettuce? I don't grow salad leaves in my garden, the slugs always get to it first. I look forward to seeing the results? x

  4. TTs - no problem and thanks for the links. See you soon and enjoy the rest of the week!

    TGF - I've answered your question over at your place. Must go and get the answers to put on here as well...

    Esther - hopefully it'll be OK. Do you think it might be a Plutonian plant in disguise?

    Louise - have a look at the Slugger off garden ideas, especially the pots in the trees!

  5. Here's the first part of the answers I gave to Monica over at her place:

    Thanks for visiting & commenting on my Decisions Made post. You asked about National Trust working holidays. There doesn't appear to be one specific to Zennor this year, but there are plenty in and around the area. Your best bet is to have a look at:

    Hope this helps and greetings from sunny England!

  6. More answers for you Monica :)

    I think it very much depends on the working holiday. Beware of anything that has a lot of ragwort or scrub removal. They will definitely be unpaid labour and not very educational!

    However, there are opportunities to learn new skills on a lot of the holidays and those in held in the grounds of the old houses or estates will have a lot of history to them, even if the task itself is a bit more mundane - and not all of them are. Remember, whilst it is 'unpaid' labour, the National Trust wouldn't be able to survive without all the work that volunteers put in. The company and comradeship of the other people joining the tasks will be a big plus too.

    If you're still concerned, but like the look of a particular holiday, then it's best to ask the National Trust about it - they will be able to give you lots of information, possibly even putting you in touch with people who've been before. My previous link should give you a contact point.

    As for my Profile picture it's a large 'globe' sculpture outside the @Bristol hands on science centre in Bristol - about 25 miles from where I live. I've decided not to show a picture of me or my husband on my blog but we can just about be seen in there :)

    The globe itself doesn't appear to have a particular name, but you can see it and the public art commisioned for @Bristol if you look here:


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