Awww Shucks!

Hurray, hurrah, harroo! I have my first award as voted for by the blogging community :o At last my bad poetry has been given the recognition it deserves. So my thanks goes to: The Garden Monkey for putting on the whole damn show in the first place; whoever it was that nominated me; everyone who voted for me; NAH who has nothing at all to do with this blog; my mum, etc etc etc...

There, that was a relatively short acceptance speech and I didn't burst into tears like Gwyneth Paltrow did at the Oscars. I'm pretty chuffed actually :D

The award winners are:

Is There Anybody Out There? Esther in the Garden
The Favourite Way of Wasting Time Shedworking
The Adam Pasco Award Veg Plot
Proud Parent Fuggles (for the dancing frog beansprout photo)
Vegetable Matter Bifurcated Carrots
What’s New Pussycat The Big Sofa - well Wilb actually (hugs from Skimble & Jess!)
Inky/Green Fingers Blogging at Blackpitts
We Are All in the Gutter Veg Plotting (yes, me, me , me!)
Crash Bang Wallop Cleve West’s poppadom photograph (I wonder which award he's most proud of this week - Gold at Chelsea or this one? Hmm tough call...)
The Jeeves award Monty Don

So congratulations to my fellow award winners and commiserations to all the other nominees. You can still check them all out over at The Fork 'n Monkey website - I discovered a whole new rich seam of blogging loveliness to dip into whilst all of this was going on.


  1. Congratulations! Will you be clearing a special place on the mantelpiece?

  2. Well done! Perhaps we should have a winners' party online. I'll bring the cheese and pineapple on sticks and the cider.

  3. Congratulations, you must be well chuffed. xx

  4. happymouffetard - I think it needs a new trophy cabimet all of its own don't you?

    Alex - OK - I'll bring the sausage rolls and cheap white wine :)

    Who's playing host?

    (Also posted over at Alex's)

    Flighty - thanks, I am!!! :) :) :)

  5. Congratulations, I am honoured to be permitted to comment on such an esteemed blog!

    Well deserved too.


  6. Yeahy - well done VP -

  7. You're a great sport VP, I'm pleased for you.


  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Can we have a celebratory poem on the subject of your triumph please.

    PS - Wilb asks if you could pass on her warmest felicitations to Skimble and Jess.

  9. Congratulations VP!

    Thanks for helping to look for a place for the get-together. It's really hard to do that from here in Amsterdam.

  10. Fellow award winners - thanks for popping over. I've said something suitable over at your places :)

    Zoe - I don't know about esteemed, the award's for rubbish poetry, so that says it all doesn't it? ;)

    Karen - thanks for voting for me!

    Simon - that's very nice of you, thanks :)

    AND RACH - well you asked for it!


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