Mad About Compost

Yesterday's garden trimmings - now tucked up safely in my 700 litre compost bin on the allotment.

I'm passionate aboute composting, so it's only natural that I want to tell you today marks the start of Compost Awareness Week. I have 8 compost bins on the go at the moment and I'm about to build my 9th, as I couldn't resist the special offer of a new Johanna bin available to Wiltshire residents. If you click on the above link you can not only find out about composting events in your area, you can also find out if there are any special offers available for you.

Even with 9 bins, I'll still feel I don't have enough compost - I'm contemplating ordering a tonne of the stuff from our local council from their community composting scheme. Mind you, they don't get much of a contribution from around here as I'm the neighbourhood's community composter - I even take in pet bedding from my neighbours (herbivore pets only, cat and dog poo is a great big no no) as I find it provides a good balance of 'brown' material to mix with everyone's 'green' grass clippings.

If you would like some guidance with your own composting endeavours, then Garden Organic's website is a good starting point. I've also used their Question and Answer service and found them prompt and most helpful. Your local Wildlife Trust may also be a useful resource, for example Wiltshire's has a Compost Ambassador scheme to spread the message (if not the compost) out there.


  1. Me too. Love the stuff. We spend hours clipping and shredding for the compost bin. So nice when you open up a bin and the transformation from "garden rubbish" to lovely "black gold" has taken place.

  2. Thanks for the garden organic's link - handy to know. I'd love a wormery, do you have one of those?

    And wow! Nine bins. Are they all at the allotment? I always think it's a shame dog poo isn't useful like chicken droppings, I'd be laughing then!

  3. Before I added to my rather modest compost heap I had a dig down to see what it was like. I'm happy to say that it's looking good! xx

  4. Karen - black gold is such an apt description isn't it?

    Mrs be - glad the links are helpful. No I've never got round to getting a wormery. The price of them puts me off a bit. 6 bins are up at the allotment & 2 in the garden. When the green johanna's built, 1 of the garden bins will go up the allotment.

    Flighty - hurrah!

  5. Hey--that's my favorite Wallace & Gromit movie (A Grand Day Out).
    ~ Monica

  6. TGF - It's 1 of mine too!


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