Magnetic Poetry - May

The public land next to us is covered in more dandelions than grass at this time of the year. Consequently, May sees a constant 'rain' of wind blown dandelion seed drifting across the garden. Oh and the swallows came back to us in May that year (2004).

David McMahon has a 4 line poetry challenge for you today. Hop on over there and you can preview my offering for June.


  1. What a wonderful concept - magnetic poetry. That is just brilliant.

    And your four-letter poem on my blog was spectacular. I woould never have thought of that!!

  2. Love the poetry don't know that I could describe dandelions without cursing - my own drifting local seed not yet airborn, but soon is the accursed ground elder. Nottington lovely village, but you can't see the sea.

  3. Now that is getting vreative with a subject that is a pain in the ?

  4. I like your poem VP - I had a 'dandelion pageant' going on at my allotment plot today !

  5. David - I'm surprised you don't have magnetic poetry in Oz. I'm glad you liked the poem over at your place!

    Helen - dandelions just beginning to take off here. You've spotted the 1 disadvantage with our cottage

    Joy - glad you liked it!

    Anna - thanks and me too!


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