ABC Wednesday - S is for...

...Shadowy Self-Portrait

This was taken in late January this year not far from my house on the way back from taking photographs to illustrate my piece on World Wetlands Day.

Stroll on over to Mrs Nesbitt's Place for a multitude of striking S Photos


  1. Very innovative. The shadow and not the thing. good photo.

    Our S is Setting.
    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  2. I like this and I had to laugh! One of my s pictures is a shot of the shadows of my husband and me at the lake.

  3. ah....shadow. Couple weeks ago, my hubby took his shadow shot. He said this is for Letter S, ABC. But I forgot to put now at my post hi hih i...Oeps...

    Mine in here Thanks

  4. Cool and looong shadows. :)

    My S

  5. I like shadow pictures. Very nice.

  6. Very creative! Nice photo. :-)

  7. Very creative and a good choice.

  8. Very nice and cool S-shot!

    Have fun:)

  9. We all take one like that don't we! I took mine on a beach in Cornwall one New Years Day.

  10. Clever composition and post for 's' day
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. A really great photo. I must try one like that. As you have probably guessed I don't like giving too much of my appearance away! x

  12. I haven't seen a shadow other than here yet! Lovely job.
    My S is here

    And here

  13. I love shadows. This is good.

  14. Thanks for all your comments - I've headed over to your place to have a look and comment there...


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