GBBD - Now is the Month of Maying

On May Day I could only show you May blossom in bud, but on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day I can now show it to you in its full glory.

The garden has really taken off over the past few days owing to the hot and sunny weather of the past week and a half. It means I have flowers in abundance to show you, so I've replaced April's Flower Shower with a Now is the Month of Maying slideshow on the sidebar. You'll see I have Clematis in abundance - they only opened their fat buds just 2 days ago. Phew, just in time! There are still flowers on the allotment - April's fruit tree blossoms have been replaced by those of the soft fruit - particularly blueberry and strawberry, plus rogue flower shoots amongst the rhubarb. These weaken the plant, so they were cut down straight after being photographed and added to the compost heap. Apart from that everything's been left to flower their socks off.

GBBD is bought to you by Carol at May Dreams Gardens [Shouldn't this be renamed Hurrah May is Here Gardens this month? Ed.].


  1. Wow, your clematis (-es?) are stunning! I have just one, and I'm excited just to see so many buds on it this year. You certainly have a lot blooming already.

  2. Love the slide show, and the new temporary name you've given my blog. As I noted, spring is still a bit slow, so I think I'll be enjoying many May blooms clear into June.

    Thanks for joining us for bloom day, and for the beautiful clematis photos.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. I love your Clematis! I just got 'Crystal Fountain' last year & am anxiously waiting for its 2 buds to open. Do you have a problem with earwigs eaten the petals?

  4. Rose - thanks, they're one of my favourites as you've probably guessed!

    Carol - thanks for joining me on your busy day being hostess!

    Emma - welcome beack & thanks :)

    MMD - It's a lovely clematis sin't it? Luckily I've not suffered too much from earwigs on my clematis, they do go for the dahlias though :(


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