Thanks and Prizes

This Gladiolus was too late for Blooms Day, but has brightened up today instead

Firstly I need to thank those of you who've nominated Veg Plotting for a Blotanical award in the Best UK Blog and Best Agrarian Blog categories. It was a complete surprise as my feed (or lack of it) has been caught up in the Blotanical feed problems saga, so I've been feeling a bit lonely here of late. Thanks to all of you who've remembered me and especially those of you who are still coming over to have a read. I'm in extremely good company, so I urge those of you who are in registered in Blotanical to go and vote for your favourites. I've found it an ideal opportunity to make acquaintance with some new blogs too - what could be better than a recommendation via the votes of my fellow bloggers?

Now let's get down to the day's business - the results of Friday's quiz. I received three entries; two were 100% correct. Thanks to Anna, Happy Mouffetard and Zoe for entering: I hope you found it a good diversion over the weekend. Out of Hat 1 came The Allotment Keeper's Handbook by Jane Perrone and out of Hat 2 came... Anna. Well done Anna - I'll contact you shortly about arranging to send you your prize.

I still have the final prize draw to make, so some of the rest of you will receive something. I'll let you know the results tomorrow. It's not too late to donate!

And here's the answers:
  1. Q. How did I squeeze in 9 more Clematis into my garden? A. By buying 3 obelisks and planting 3 Clematis of the same pruning group to grow up each of them
  2. Q. What do we call our garden shed? A. The Shed with Windows
  3. Q. What's the length of the sides of our garden? A. 50 x 50 feet
  4. Q. Where was the photograph taken for the Bramble Jam recipe? A. At Threadspider's House (I also accepted kitchen)
  5. How many photographs were donated by WaterAid to illustrate the Open Garden site? A. 4 - I sneakily put one at the bottom of the Sidebar entries; a little girl from Malawi, thanking you for your support. The rest of them were the blog header picture, the little boy above the Just Giving button and the Sing for Water 2007 picture. BTW all the African pictures are from Malawi, which is one of the two countries supported from our Sing for Water fundraising. The other is Ghana.


  1. I do hope you'll leave your open garden up for a few more days. I've had some computer problems lately and haven't been able to visit all my usual blogs.
    Sounds as if you had a great time meeting with the food bloggers--100 varieties of garlic! I have yet to try one:)

  2. Hi Rose - I'm definitely leaving the site up, so do come and have a look round when your computer's better!

  3. Congratulations on the nominations VP, they are thoroughly deserved, I understand the feeling about not appearing on Blotanical, it's amazing how quickly you come to miss it. I know I do.

    Also like to congratulate you on the amazing donation results due to the huge amount of work you must have put into your virtual Open Garden. It is an inspiration, and just goes to show what can be achieved with a great idea and a lot of graft.

    Best Wishes,


  4. Good luck with the nomination for a blogging award VP.

    I am excited to have won a prize and yes you were a little sneaky with question 5 :)

  5. Zoe and Anna - many thanks :)


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