Welcome Back Gardeners' World!

Did you hear the collective sigh of relief go round our gardening fraternity last night? Yes, I hadn't dared to hope, but Toby Buckland's start at the helm of our flagship gardening programme was a welcome return to form. He's someone who seems approachable, isn't afraid of lashings of rain whilst saying his piece to camera and doesn't mind showing his dirty hands whilst eating a freshly plucked tomato. I even picked up a couple of ideas to try at home. It's ages since watching Gardeners' World has actually made me want to go out and start gardening instead of my usual falling asleep half way through the programme.

And there appears to have been an almost universal uniting of us behind our new Head Gardener. Unbelievably the BBC Message Boards are almost 100% in their praise. The reaction I've seen thus far in the blogosphere is positive too. This has got to be a first.

So join me in raising a glass of home made wine or two (or any other tipple that takes your fancy) and toast our new gardening team! And what do you think - thumbs up, or thumbs down?


  1. I didn't realise it had been off. I must have been watching repeats. Can't say I enjoyed them as much as earlier programmes with Alan Titchmarsh. Must look out for the new series.

  2. Completely agree. You can't help but warm to a man who carries salt and a pruning saw around with him as a matter of course. And I loved the simple little touches, like propping the stem up with the fork while you put the cane in. Marvellous.

  3. Definitely thumbs up! xx

  4. I totally agree with you - I felt really motivated after watching GW on Friday. I havent ventured to the messageboards as I gave up on them some time ago as they all seem to spend their time moaning and berating the Beeb for getting it wrong but if they are happy then everything is rosey!!

  5. He reminds me of Geoff Hamilton! I'm glad he is more of a gardener type than someone banging on about 'design' all the time.

  6. For anyone who missed it or who's outside the UK, there's a two minute clip at http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardenersworld/
    Wish it was longer - he looks as if he's going to be really good.

  7. Toby Buckland is making a grand job of taking over the helm of Gardeners World. I think he is going to prove a popular choice. He is a true professional. x

  8. Lottie wannabe - some people don't like him, but on the whole the vote's on the positive side of things

    Victoria - it was packed with stuff wasn't it?

    HM, Flighty - yes. Same at Malvern too

    PG - he was good at Malvern eh?

    Frankie - too right!

    Sue - thanks for adding that so non-UK based people can see what we're going on about :)

    Louise - yes. It's good to get enthused about gardening again isn't it?


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