Psst! Fancy 15 Minutes of Fame?

Just back from a fab day at Malvern with Patient Gardener - more on that tomorrow as I'm a bit pooped. I just wanted to share this e-mail I found in my inbox from KLC when I got home:

Dear VP,

RedHouse TV have developed an exciting new series for C4 about people and their passion for Nature. It follows the design and creation of the most ambitious and inspiring private gardens, and tells the stories of the inspirational people driving them, over the course of a year.

It is a celebration of what is achievable in outdoor spaces, but a realistic portrayal of how hard it is to create truly stunning landscaped gardens. Created by the people behind Grand Designs it will be both inspirational and aspirational in tone. They are looking for a couple of ambitious, large-scale garden projects to include within the series and follow over 12 months.

Ideally the gardens will be at least 1 acre and above in size, with work due to commence this Autumn. The style of the garden is not necessarily important- all that they require is that the plans are 'epic' enough to culminate in a fantastic transformation, and that the gardens are privately owned. The series will set a new benchmark for the area and show people with ideas and passions and visions that go far and away beyond anything we normally associate with gardening on TV. It is a fantastic opportunity and anyone interested should contact:

Louisa MacInnes RedHouse TV,
6 Gorleston Street,
London W14 8XS
T: 020 7855 7424
F: 020 7603 2148

Sadly I don't have the requisite acre, but perhaps one of you out there in the UK does? Shame they can't amalgamate several gardens together on our estate and do something with that instead.

Another thought - is this the rumoured new programme starring Chris Beardshaw?

Update: It isn't - he's in this one on BBC1 instead.


  1. Sadly I also dont have the required acreage and to be honest een if I did I dont think I could cope with the stress ofhaving people filming my garden!!!


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