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A couple of weeks ago Karen at Artistsgarden wrote a great piece about the messy bits in her garden and challenged the rest of us to 'fess up on the situation chez nous. At the time I was feeling most superior having frantically tidied everything up so I could safely show you my garden without embarassing myself. However, old habits die hard and like the pile of 'useful things for later' on my allotment which I had to remove and rehome earlier in the year, a quick inspection last week shows that I'm beginning to accumulate things at home again. It took me less than five minutes to take the pictures in the above collage. Some of the pictures give you a sneaky extra look at some of last week's Impulse Buys too.

Here's what they are - clockwise from top left:
  • 1 & 2 - pots from planting up winter planters and various seed labels
  • 3. Old washing up bowl - why it's there is a complete mystery
  • 4. Useful bits of pipe for adding drainage
  • 5. You can never have enough old bricks and bits of paving!
  • 6. My next door neighbour's most recent donation of pet bedding and grass clippings for composting/mulch up at the allotment - still to be taken up there a week later
  • 7. Old bits of rotten wood taken off the front of the house when we had it repainted a couple of years ago
  • 8. Bit of land drain 'acquired' when the estate open spaces were done up a couple of years ago. Some of it's been used to make carrot planters up at the allotment (tall enough so the carrot root fly don't get in) - this is earmarked for the same use, but I do find it useful to kneel on when doing stuff in the cold frame instead
  • 9. Old compost bags and pot trays - to go back in the shed when I can get back in it

Remember - one person's idea of Junk is another's idea of something useful, especially if we do more reusing and recycling!

Do have a look at the ABC Wednesday blog for more jazzy stuff beginning with J.


  1. I agree with keeping most of it, but honestly, the bits of old wood off the front of the house have got to go! xx

  2. Junk .... hmmm, I am married to a totter extraordinare. It would be easy to get him to part with a limb than some of his treasure!

  3. Oh gosh ... my garden - in fact, my whole house is full of 'useful things for later'!

    I MUST get around to sorting them out and perhaps passing some on to people who will really use them. Meanwhile, yes, they can make some interesting photos!

  4. There's no such thing as junk! LOL! A great post! always.

  5. Just remember one man's Junk is another man's treasure.
    (This is my husband's motto and why he keeps so much Junk.)

    Bear((( )))

  6. The old washing up bowl is for when you have forgotten to plant some of the impulse buys and then you find you have forgotten to water them too and they are totally dried out and about to peg it! What then happens is you soak them in the washing up bowl full of water and then forget about them again and they drown!

  7. Not messy at all in my opinion -- it it is, then I'm in big trouble -- my garden is a disaster...   Even the weeds are dead...

  8. Besides reusing and recycling you should be reducing as well! xx

  9. I agree, one's persons trash is another's treasure. Gteat J.

  10. Hah, that's nothing! I'd do a post on all my junk, but it would take forever to load and be waaaayy too long. It's hell to be a packrat without adequate storage space.

  11. Hah, that's nothing! I'd do a post on all my junk, but it would take forever to load and be waaaayy too long. It's hell to be a packrat without adequate storage space.

  12. our junk defines us. you can learn a lot about a person by his junk

  13. I could have done a whole post on junk, too, if I'd only thought of it VP! You're so right, though, that much of our so-called junk can be recycled.

  14. ah, junk. :) but good point. a bit of recycling and someone else can give these items a good home. :)

  15. Aw that's not junk, it's just the tools of the trade! :D

  16. Hi everyone - I see a number of you have the same tendencies or have a partner who does! Tee hee!

    ABCers - I'll reply over at your place

    Arabella - you've been looking in my garden haven't you?

    Flighty - true, but as the stuff was there I felt I could only talk about reuse and recycle. There's also refuse (say no, not rubbish) to come before the whole lot too! xx


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