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From my bedroom window - this morning

I always feel a sense of loss on the first of September. Officially summer's over and now the downhill slide to the darker days of winter really begins. So for both Muse Day and as an attempt to cheer myself up, I've found someone who has a more positive outlook on this month: Mary Howitt (1799-1888).


There are twelve months throughout the year,
From January to December -
And the primest month of the twelve
Is the merry month of September!
Then apples so red *
Hang overhead,
And nuts ripe-brown
Come showering down
In the bountiful days of September!

There are flowers enough in the summer-time,
More flowers than I can remember -
But none with the purple, gold and red
That dyes the flowers of September!
The gorgeous flowers of September!
And the sun looks through
A clearer blue,
And the moon at night
Sheds a clearer light
On the beautiful flowers of September.

* = I'm off to pick my lovely red Scrumptious up at the allotment today. They also formed part of my subject for last month's Muse Day.

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  1. SUMMER IS NOT OVER! IT HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET! September is not downhill! It's great! What are you talking about ! Cheer up! My datura just started flowering today! Buy yourself some Salvia nincompoopia or whatever it's called* that doesn't start flowering till November and by the time it's done it'll be time to stir up the christmas cake and by the time that's done it'll be the solstice and you'll be complaining the days are already getting longer again! Honestly!

    *I think she means uliginosa, Ed.

  2. (contritely) Sorry Emma - how foolish I am ;)

    Niece and nephew went home today so that's not helping either.

    Will pull shoulders back, buck up and be my cheery self again shortly!

  3. Thanks for the upbeat poem, VP! It really does cast a positive light on September. I like September--the days are usually a little cooler, new colors in nature, and fall activities I enjoy. But there is that sense that these days won't last long...

    I'll be picking apples this week, too.

  4. I love September too!

    I'm banking on a seriously lovely Indian summer this year. And even if it's not too hot, the allotment is bursting with goodies (at last - took a long time to get started this year) and the garden is full of red, orange and yellow pizazz from all those late-summer flowerers.

    Only problem with September is that October isn't far behind - I don't mind the month, it's just that the clocks go back at the end of it and I just hate that. But just for now I can still forget winter is on its way and enjoy... :D

  5. I like September and October! Fingers crossed it may be a lovely autumn with an Indian summer. xx

  6. Vp, I love the first week of fall. Sorry it makes you a little sad. Great poem.

  7. Hi everyone - looks like I'm in the minority here, you all like September. If the sun comes out, I'll be joining you!

    Rose - which varieties of apple do you grow?

    CG - I absolutely hate it when the clocks go back. I wish I could hibernate from that point until the end of February

    Flighty - I hope so too. I don't fancy singing in London in the rain in a couple of weeks time!

    Deb - glad you like the poem. Check out the sonnet Emma's posted though. It's fab.

  8. You have some nice colour in the garden.
    I like September ... usually.
    I have just read that we had half the sunshine in August that we usually have - lets hope September and October make up for it.

  9. No bad feelings here in September. It's the best weather of the year in Chicagoland. The grass is still green (usually, although lately its been crunchy brown), the temperature is usually comfortable, some trees are starting to show color & the prairie shines. Now October is another story.

  10. I like the poem VP. I came across this one last year which I hope will cheer you too :

    "The breezes taste
    Of apple peel.
    The air is full
    Of smells to feel-
    Ripe fruit, old footballs,
    Burning brush,
    New books, erasers,
    Chalk, and such.
    The bee, his hive,
    Well-honeyed hum,
    And Mother cuts
    Like plates washed clean
    With suds, the days
    Are polished with
    A morning haze."

    - John Updike, September

  11. AG - thanks. Looking out of my window, it looks like October's going to have to make up for our lack of sunshine :(

    MMD - it must be nice to have comfortable weather again. However, we've had plenty of the uncomfortable wet weather this year and not enough of the uncomfortable hot kind to appreciate it!

    Anna - that's a lovely poem. A mixture of the season, going back to school and all kinds of homely things. Perfect.


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