ABC Wednesday - H is For...

... Huggable and Happy

Emsworth (for it is he) is on his way to join me at VP Gardens. Mine will be but a temporary home as Maggi (fellow KLC Designing with Plants Student and winner of my first Open Garden prize giveaway) has made him to help me raise funds for WaterAid. Her bears normally retail at £75 or over, so he's not only a very huggable and happy looking bear, he's a posh one too. You can tell that by the jaunty tilt of his bow tie. Therefore I'm not adding him to my Open Garden prize stash, I'll be auctioning him off a bit closer to Christmas. Watch this space - I'll let you know when he's up for grabs. If you can't wait that long, Maggi does take commissions - do leave me a Comment if you're interested.

I might just have to put a bid in for him myself.

Do checkout ABCWednesday3 for further stories and pictures bought to you by the letter H.


  1. Lovely idea and post. The bear is quite nice.

    I only have one "H" for my post today. I hope you like it. I put it on Canon Pixels

  2. I have quite a collection of bears myself. This one surely is a posh one, though. Have a heavenly week.!

  3. Well now, you know that I think this is the BEST H photo for ABC Wednesday.
    Hello little bear!!

    Bear((( )))

  4. He is certainly adorable, and I knew Bear Naked would love him! I skipped ABC Wed. this week so I could catch up on reading posts--enjoyed seeing the photo of you:) And your project for knitting scarves is such a great idea; I wish I knew how to knit!

  5. cute posh bear that. :)

  6. Having met the adorable bear, I may also have to be in the bidding for him too.

  7. What a fine furry creature !

  8. Oh wow! What a fantastic idea! sorry I am so late.

    Thanks so much.

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone - see you over at your place fellow ABCers...


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