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Japanese Anemones amongst the Contorted Hazel

It's prize giveaway time! I've decided to do something a little different this week so I've devised a short fun quiz for you. All the answers can be found in my open garden - the link opens in a separate window so you can easily have both the quiz and garden sites open at the same time.

All you have to do is make a small donation (minimum £2, approx $4USD) - if you haven't done so already, just click on the Just Giving button whilst you're in my garden. All donors are eligible to enter, including those of you who've sent me a donation through the post or have donated a prize - I know who you are after all! Send the answers to me at vegplotting at gmail dot com. You have until midnight Monday (British Summer Time) to complete your entry. Sounds like a good excuse to grab a cup of coffee over the weekend and hop on over to my garden for a visit!

So without further ado here's the questions:
  1. What event was taking place when I started planting up the garden?
  2. What's appeared on the allotment site for the first time this year?
  3. When is the Sing for Water concert in London?
  4. What's the unusual ingredient in my chocolate cake?
  5. What does NAH stand for?

On Tuesday morning I'll select a prize and correct entry at random out of the hat. There's plenty of good prizes - have a look at the book review from yesterday plus my prize stash (also opens in a new window) to see what's on offer. All but The Bird Book and the tapestry are up for grabs. The second copy of Matthew Wilson's book arrived today, so that'll be going into the mix :)


  1. Oooh - don't you just love a good quiz? Nearly as good as a murder mystery.
    But........ I am not going to enter as I ahve already won an amazing prize and would rather not be perceived as a greedy grasping err person.
    However very many congrats on a very entertaining open gardens and the excellent fundraising aspect.
    PS Emsworth is coming along!

  2. I have walked around the garden, looking under the bushes, behind the shed, in the branches for clues. I even popped over to the allotment to see if there were any lurking in the compost bin. I think I have been successful and will email with my results.

  3. Ok-rooting through the compost heaps and under the bench, I think I too have found the answers.On their way...

  4. Maggi - you can still enter if you want :)

    PG & TS - thanks for your entries - I was getting worried no-one was going to

  5. Have just emailed my guesses - I felt like a detective skulking in the garden :)

  6. Anna - it's been good to have you there. Skulking, climbing over the compost, whatever - that was the idea.

    Results to follow soon!


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