A Day of Rehearsals and Prizes

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Tomorrow's the BIG day - the Sing for Water concert in London. So I found myself in Trowbridge at lunchtime for another rehearsal. A number of the songs will be sung quite differently in London - in a much simpler way. Apparently we were given a much more complicated mix for our concert in July to make the performance more interesting. However moving 800-1,000 singers across The Scoop in London (where we'll be performing) can't be done, so I'll be somewhere at the side of choir for tomorrow's performance and there I'll stay.

But our choir masters don't want us to rest on our laurels. So we had a completely new song to learn today, in an African language to boot. Luckily for us, most of the song is calling (i.e. a soloist or group singing the song's verse), and we just sing the response back. It's a catchy number, involving African drummers too. The tempo quickens as we go along, which was a little difficult to master at times, but we have a rehearsal in London at 9.30 am tomorrow to put the final polish on the song. That means we leave Corsham at 6.30 am, a time I previously didn't think existed on a Sunday. I'm grateful Corsham's the final pickup, the Trowbridge singers will be picked up at 6 am. :0

As far as fund raising is concerned, we stand at £698 tonight, so we're nearly there folks, just £52 to go!

It's time for another prize draw: I know I should have posted this yesterday, but I wanted to give you a report on today's rehearsals as well. I did make the draw last night and pulled Gardening with Kids out of Hat 1. Hat 2 yielded... Tiny Clanger as the winner. Congratulations Tiny, I'll be in touch shortly to arrange getting your prize to you.

I still have lots of good prizes left and next Sunday marks the closure of my Open Garden. So I propose to do another quiz next Friday and a draw for the remaining prizes on Sunday. Remember, if you enter the quiz, you're very likely to be improving your odds of winning a prize. That's assuming you've donated of course...


  1. Have a wonderful time tomorrow. All those voices together must sound amazing.

  2. Good luck and have a wonderful day (despite the early start) :D

  3. Thanks RPF and R. Pete Free! I'm looking forward to it :D

  4. Oops! That should read RPF and Victoris. Shows I need to get to bed for that early start!

  5. Have a wonderful day, I suspect it will be one of those days that stays with you always.

  6. Have a great day VP
    Warm regards

  7. I hope your rehersal went well today, and best wishes for the remaining week of your open garden,


  8. Ooh Thank you VP, I wasn't expecting a prize. I hope today goes well for you, it sounds like a wonderful event for such a great cause.TC

  9. Hi everyone - it was a great day :)


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