ABC Wednesday - G is for...

... Garden and Plot Views

ABC Wednesday regulars probably aren't aware I've been publishing pictures of my garden and allotment about every two weeks throughout this year as one of my other regular blogging projects. These are the latest views and mark the cusp between a free-flowering garden/full plot and the start of the autumn tidy up/final harvesting.

Some of the previous garden views form part of my 'garden through the seasons' slideshow in my virtual open garden blog raising funds for WaterAid. Do visit - just a small donation is needed to take us to the significant milestone of raising enough funds to supply a village of 250 people with clean water. I think it would be a marvellous Blogging Community achievement if we got there this week!

The ABCWednesday3 blog will show you what everyone else has come up with for the letter G today.


  1. Of course, this would be your "G" post--perfect! I do hope some of your ABC visitors hop over to the virtual tour site so that you reach your goal soon.

    I just read your last post on trellises and screens. I think you make excellent use of them in your garden; as always, I come away from here with some new ideas.

  2. What a lovely, lovely garden! I'm going to explore your blog when I have time!

  3. Good stuff VP!
    Always enjoy coming here.

  4. nice post for "G"

  5. Great Garden photos for ABC Wednesday Letter G.

    Bear((( )))

  6. Beautiful garden and what else WOULD you post today! :D

  7. Hey, VP, Heritage Open Days are on from the 11th-14th September.

    There might be some properties with gardens you can visit!

  8. I thought the "G" would be for "green." Your grass is almost emerald, while mine is a buff/tan. At least it's starting raining again here.

  9. Hi everyone - Glad you liked the G!

    I'll pop over to yours to comment...


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