Flushed with Success

One of the more unusual volunteer opportunities WaterAid has on offer

I re-discovered a number of things I'd forgotten on Sunday - getting up in the dark, the 5.30 am Shipping Forecast on Radio 4, mist laden fields and empty roads. They were all worth it for the experiences later on that day. Sing for Water forms part of the Thames Festival - an end of summer extravaganza held on the banks of the river. A heady mix of dance, world music, stalls on all sorts of watery themes and of course song. All of it free, except for the food and drink. It's really hard for me to adequately describe the day - except to say it was one of the best, ever. I hope the following pictures will give you a flavour.

1,000 people in rainbow coloured tops with nothing to do but sing our hearts out...

... to an audience of 1,500+, who gave us a standing ovation at the end...

... conducted by Michael and Roxanne (who wrote Focus on the Horizon), exaggerating every movement so we could all see what was wanted...

... right in the heart of London opposite where Zoe could see from her perch on the Epsom Downs...

... with some of you actually making donations over at my Open Garden whilst we were singing. Thank you so much! You've helped to exceed my second target of £750. Today the donations stand at £813. Shall we go for a third target of £1,000? Oh yes, I think so.

Update 30/6 2009: I've just found WaterAid's promo of last year's Sing For Water. A chance for you to hear a little bit of most of the songs, plus a glimpse of Chris and Ali being interviewed on the day.


  1. Wow, you've exceded another target, great! Thanks for the pics, it looks like you had a wonderful day. BTW that first pic cracked me up. ;-)

  2. Congratulations VP - well done on reaching your target and I hope that you get to the magic thousand. It sounds as if it was a day that you will never forget.

  3. It looks like you had a great day and really enjoyed yourselves!
    Well done on the fund raising. xx

  4. It sounds such good fun. And you were so lucky that the weather was reasonably good. I loved the lavatorial costume too: were you anywhere near Water-Loo, by any chance? :D

  5. VP, I can't believe I am asking this as music on blogs usually makes me crazy. But it would be kind of cool to be a hear a little of your song.

  6. well done on beating your target, that's fabulous!

    What a memorable day, and so worth it too. Thanks for the link, I suspect I was watching as you sang, just I don't have bionic hearing :(


  7. Wow, VP, that looks like an extraoridinarily heartfilled day. Congratulations on your job well done and thanks for the photos--so appreciated! PS: I agree with Deb. A song would be lovely!

  8. What a great occasion. I regret not having a bionic ear either, I would have loved to listen. Congrats on reaching your target and I'm sure you'll reach even higher. With such overwhelming enthusiasm, it is inevitable. You alone are a credit to all gardeners, and then some. My compliments!

  9. Hi everyone - yes it was a brilliant day and we were so lucky with the weather.

    For those of you asking about hearing the concert - I hope to be able to do something about that soon.


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