The Big Butterfly Count

This photo appeared on Sign of the Times earlier this week before I realised it would be perfect to talk about The Big Butterfly Count which starts today. All you need to do is spend a relaxing 15 minutes on a sunny day in your garden or other sunny spot between now and the 31st July and identify the butterflies and (some) moths fluttering by.

Don't know your red admiral (see above) from your peacock? Then all the help you need is on the Butterfly Conservation website where you'll find this handy ID guide (NB if all you see is a black page from taking this link, click on the + button at the top of the page and all should be revealed). You have until the end of August to record your results.

Just like the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch held in January, The Big Butterfly Count is a great opportunity to help gather masses of data about what's happening with a vital indicator of our wildlife's health.

Live across a the pond a feeling left out? Why not take part in today's fantastic bee-a-thon instead?


  1. I don't think any of us will be seeing any butterflies today! Here's hoping for some warm sunny days when they'll be fluttering around. Flighty xx

  2. Hi Flighty - we won't will we? It's bucketing down here :(

    I'm sure there'll be a warm sunny day between now and the end of the month

    *firmly crosses fingers and toes to make sure*

  3. I saw loads last week, now when we need to be counting, the weather has put paid to it - I wonder where they hide when it rains?

  4. Hi, we've got cloudy cool weather in the NC mountains for our North American bee count --probably it'll be slow here in the mountains, too.
    Hope you see some butteflies later in the week.

  5. Will have to wait a while VP methinks for that sunny day. Helpful id chart in 'The Telegraph' today, which also can be used in conjunction with iphone, ipad2 or Android phone to download an app with additional information, images etc. Shame I don't have such sophisticated technology at my disposal.

  6. Don't think we'll be seeing many Butterflies on this Winter's day!

  7. Elaine - I know exactly how you feel and what a good question!

    LKW - welcome! no sign of butterflies yet as the weather's still cool and showery :(

    Anna - thankfully Butterfly Conservation's website has all the information you need re identification ;)


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