VP's Guide to Wind Strength

Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated by the weather and its measurement. I'd love one of those really posh weather stations, but in the meantime I'm making do with my simpler rain gauge to measure any precipitation and a Max/Min thermometer. My trusty weathervane shows me the wind's direction, but instead of an anemometer I've been using the visual cues from the Beaufort scale. Does anyone else imagine the sound effects of the rising wind strength like I do when reading through the list, from calm (silence) through to hurricane (so loud you can't hear yourself think)?

A trip to Poundland the other week yielded a bright windmill initially destined as a bird scarer up at the allotment. Once assembled I stuck it in a pot on the patio and there it has stayed because it makes me smile. It's on view when we have our meals as well as when I'm out in the garden. Its continued presence has led me to devise my own gardening version of the Beaufort scale as follows...

VP Number: 0
Description: Calm
Garden Conditions: Perfect gardening weather, especially when accompanied with sunshine

VP Number: 1
Description: Breezy
Garden Conditions: Particularly needed on a hot day on the patio

VP Number: 2
Description: Windy
Garden Conditions: May need to consider weighting down light items or taking cover

VP Number: 3
Description: Blowing a hoolie
Garden Conditions: Time to put the kettle on!


  1. This looked like a wonderful idea until it began blowing a hoolie. LOL

  2. Now will you get NAH to fix it, or go and get your £1 back???

  3. Oh!

    And it isn't even yet time to dig Jerusalem Artichokes.

  4. Bird scarer? I can hear them giggling from here!

  5. I can see that wind device catching on with gardeners world wide.
    I am rather baffled as to why the birds should be scared unless the giant Ladybird could be seen as a threat :-)

  6. Fun post.
    And fun item until it moves and then it sends my eyes screwy!
    A bit like moving adds on the computer screen!

  7. haha.. it's so cute though.. :)))

  8. Hi - I'm glad you enjoyed this post whilst I was away :)


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