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It's exciting times at VP Gardens as I have not one, but two articles in current publications. My first book review is in the latest Green Places magazine: a review of Biophilic Cities. This book argues that we have an inbuilt need for nature to be incorporated into our daily lives and outlines a number of ways it can be achieved by planners, architects and designers.

I also have my second article in Wiltshire magazine (you can now turn to p47-49 in the online edition for July/August). This time I was taken out of my comfort zone because I was asked to profile Trowbridge at a time when two major employers - Virgin Media and Vodaphone - announced their sites in the town were to close. I also was asked to interview local people to find out what they thought of the place. Quite a major step for me when I'm used to researching in the local library, museum or on the internet. Luckily there was a community festival on in the few days I had to get my piece done, so I managed to find some interesting people to talk to.

On Thursday the editor tweeted to say the magazine had been reviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire that afternoon. Imagine my surprise to find my piece was not only mentioned but also deemed to be excellent. I was most chuffed. You can hear for yourself in the next few days as the above link takes you the programme on the BBC's i-player: it's 46 minutes in :)

Today sees the first snippet recorded in my garden last week when Laura Rawlings from BBC Wiltshire Radio came to record some slots for her Saturday afternoon programme. I've wittered on about apples, ants, powdery mildew, gardening on a slope and rose blackspot. Laura will be broadcasting some of these subjects this afternoon and saving some of them for next Saturday. I'll put the link up as soon as I have it. I'm cringing about them really as there's loads more I wish I'd said at the time. Hopefully, the dodgy bits will come out in the editing!

NAH is now sorting out how to record these pieces for posterity, so I can put them in my nice things that have happened drawer to be treasured at a later date :)


  1. i sure it will be fine laura rawlings is lovely lady i did some radio a couple of years go with her see is always nice to talk too

  2. i'm certain you did very well on air! congrats on the articles :)

  3. Well done you! How exciting new things seem to be flooding your way at the moment!

  4. Dave - Laura was delightful to chat to and I enthused at her A LOT! ;)

    The i-player link to the first slot is now up on Sunday's post...

    Petoskystone - thank you :)

    Arabella - I'm very lucky :D

  5. Congratulations! It seems lots of doors are opening, and if you carry on doing great work I am betting they will stay open and lead on to even more. How exciting.


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