GBMD: A Period of Leisure?

A period of leisure has arrived for those engaged in gardening for recreation alone.

Entry for July 1st, The Gardener's Perpetual Almanack: A Book of Days by Martin Hoyle.

BBC Radio Wiltshire are coming this afternoon* to record a couple of short slots from my garden. I'm most excited, though yesterday was hardly a period of leisure after I got the email confirming the presenter was coming! Although listeners won't be able to see my garden, I'd like to be able to talk about it honestly.

So some quick tidying up has been in order. Then Jess gave it her seal of approval ;)

* = the last flight ever from RAF Lyneham is due to fly over this morning, so I thought an afternoon visit might be less noisy!

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn Choi at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.


  1. gosh, they followed that up quickly! Have fun with it and let us all know when they are broadcasting!

  2. have fun! looks like jess appreciates your straightening her bed for her.

  3. Hope that all went well VP. Must still be nerve wracking even though garden will not be on public view. If Jess gave the feline stamp of approval to the preparations I am sure that it will pass muster :)

  4. Did you have your hair done as well? Hope it all went well. My cat only sits in pots when they have plants in them. At least Jess is trained (I hope) to sit in ones with just compost in!

  5. what an adorable cat! :) good luck VP!

  6. Aaaahhh!
    The charms of a pot.
    From the cats perspective at least!
    And it never fails to surprize me how small the pot and how large the cat and they still fit in!

  7. Gosh you are brave.. I hope it all went well.

    I think Jess had obviously picked up that she needed to establish ownership before people started turning up.

  8. And ... how did it go? I imagine, perfectly!

  9. Lu - it should be Saturday 9th and 16th between 4 and 5pm :)

    Petoskystone - she did! It was a lot of fun.

    Anna - I was a bit nervous, but I had a chat to Laura and Jonathan first before recording which helped a lot. I was amazed at how small the recorder was!

    Dobby - I'd had my usual hair cut the week before ;) There's slate on top of that pot and it's in one of the hottest parts of the garden - a purrfect place for a cat.

    Cecile - thank you!

    Robert - Jess is quite small, but yes, there's a tiny space indoors which she loves to squeeze into :)

    JD - cats always know don't they?

    EE - I just wittered on with enthusiasm. Thinking back there's loads more I wish I had said but didn't and a couple of things I feel I didn't explain that well. But then that's what always happens with hindsight. We talked about looking after apple trees (why didn't I mention summer pruning for shaped trees?), gardening on a slope, ants in pots (should have emphasised ants aren't always a problem), powedery mildew and rose black spot.

    I really enjoyed the whole experience though and would love to do it again - I can see all kinds of things we could have talked about e.g. my boring fence project and protecting boundaries that are next door to public land!


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