Unusual Front Gardens #11: Wellies

A few doors down the street from our holiday cottage was an old church which is now the Embsay Children's Centre. I was charmed by this display on the top step by the front door. I wonder if they got to take them home for their mum at the end of term?


  1. Welly good.

    I passed the garden of kettles again today. I'm always on the look out for new unusual gardens but not having much luck recently.

  2. They do look good. I wonder what happens about drainage.

  3. cuuutiiieee! :) This one made me remember how good it was to sing in the rain..

  4. Lovely wee welly garden, all it needs now is a robin perched on the edge of one.

  5. Bridget - aren't they just?

    Susan - me too x

    Mark - I'm sure when you find something, you'll pass it right along :)

    Esther - I suspect they were probably leaking in the first place and so got donated for this project

    Cecile - most cute and I've seen another example which might feature here at some point...

    Cally - welcome :) That would have been great to capture on camera wouldn't it?

    Outdoor products - I suspect you're spam, so I've removed your comment. But it was a good one, so I'll repeat it here:

    Hehe, those are cutie li'l things... I guess they drill the bottom for drainage?


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