ABC Wednesday - O is for...

... Oranges

and lemons, plus juicy reds and maybe a hint of mauve too. The deciduous trees are changing fast and a carpet of colour is on our streets. I've returned to childish pleasures - kicking through as many piles of leaves on my daily walks as I can find. Here's a summary of some of the seasonal goodies I've found around my garden so far this autumn.

Do visit the ABC Wednesday blog for more Original ideas for the letter O.

Arrrgggghhhh - the quirkiness of Blogger! For some reason I can't get the collage to load in a clickable form, but over at the ABC Wednesday blog it has! I've also reloaded it, but it still won't enlarge. So if you want to have a better look, I'm afraid that option's only available here at the moment :(

Dave at The Home Garden has started a Garden Bloggers Fall Colour Project inviting everyone to show off their peak autumn colours this year. There are some mouthwatering contributions to check out as well as a link to this very post. Thanks Dave :) Why not head on over there and have a look at everyone's pictures, or better still write a post about your autumn colours and tell Dave about it? The Fall Colour Project link above gives you details on how to do this. You don't have to be a garden blogger to take part, but lovely autumnal pictures are compulsory!


  1. Such an appropriate choice for this time of year. This seems to be an outstanding year for fall color.

  2. Yes, we don't often think of mauve as an autumn tint, but it's often lurking among the leaves.

  3. Wonderful collage of photos showing all the Autumn colours.

    Bear((( )))

  4. What a pleasing selection of vegetation...
    Looks like the seasons are changing...

  5. Great colours - the final flourish before winter (such as it is). I'm surprised how many flowers are clinging on to life.

  6. Lovely! We get oranges in the smaller trees and shrubs and a lot of yellow in the canopy!

    Blogger is frustrating sometimes!

  7. I went to ABC Wednesday anthology and enlarged the collage. It was well worth it! Lovely, lovely photos and colors of autumn.

  8. Rose - they're saying it's a vintage year for leaf colour over here this year.

    Rinkly Rimes - it's certainly there in my garden this year!

    SOL, Bear Naked, Garden Girl & Deejay - thank you :)

    aphotoaday - yep, the seasons are changing. We seem to have winter at the moment!

    EG - I see you've posted a really good selection of 'hanging on flowers' over at your place

    Gail - we've had a lot more oranges and yellows than usual. It's been lovely :) I do wish Blogger would behave :(

    Granny Smith - thanks for going to the trouble. I'm glad you found it worthwhile :)

  9. I love the collage!

    On our walk with the dogs this morning, we came across a little group of boys aged about nine or ten. They'd scraped together a huge heap of fallen leaves on the village green and were throwing themselves into them with great glee.

    So nice to see that some things don't change!

  10. I love this time of year.
    Even better than kicking through piles of leaves is puddle jumping! xx

  11. The collage looks great just the way it is.

  12. Absolutely beautiful fall color, and nicely presented!

  13. Really beautiful photos VP, full of so much colour. There is a real Autumnal nip in the air down here this morning, although I plan to get outside later, one job being to tidy up some of these beautiful leaves. x

  14. I'm also a leaf-kicker. I just love the sound the leaves make when I scuff my feet through them. You have a lovely assortment of autumnal colors!

  15. Great pics, VP, autumn can be such a beautiful time of the year. I haven't got much time to enjoy the gorgeous autumn colours because of little Tara. But he-ho, she is chestnut red too, does that count? ;-)

  16. your collage is gorgeous as is your frosted dahlia foliage.

  17. Jay - I love messing around with leaves too!

    Flighty - only if you've got wellies on though ;)

    Suburbia, Tina, Nancy, MMD, Yolanda & Kathleen - thanks :)

    TMP - I need to do that too - once all of them have fallen from the trees though. I don't want to do the job twice!


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