Autumn Acer

I first showed you my prized Acer in May, bedecked in its Spring finery. Now it's telling me Autumn's well and truly here. Not that it needed to prove that much to me - the gales and lashing rain of the past few days have been enough to confirm that summer (what summer?) is well and truly over and it's time to start collecting leaves for leaf mould making.

NAH and I have had our annual battle over when to put the central heating on. I take my old school's stance of no heating until October - a woolly pully should be enough for daytime and there's always the winter weight duvet to be pulled out of the cupboard to snuggle under at night. I finally caved in on Saturday. We called it honours even - we'd lasted until October, NAH had had a month of complaining he's cold.


  1. Unfortunately our computers are in a room on the north side of the house. The Digger wears a fleece but I put the heating on. Cold fingers and a keyboard just don't go together for me!

  2. ummm - central heating would be lovely - I think I have persuaded shedman to light the fire tomorrow (fingers crossed).
    Funny how the school years "rules" still apply in our lives - I am a no central heating until October person too.
    The Acer is looking stunning

  3. EG - It's the opposite way round here!

    AG - Thanks. I'd like to go beyond October re the heating. A real fire would be lovely - central heating bungs my nose up - probably because I haven't done enough dusting!

  4. We try to apply the same no heating rule before October rule here too and aim to turn it off at the end of April. I have been known to wear fingerless gloves before at the computer keyboard:)

  5. Anna - I'm with you, what's wrong with wearing an extra jumper or fingerless gloves?


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