Following on from yesterday's post about memes, it seems appropriate to continue with a recent fun discovery. A little while ago I was checking some of my newly found blogs when I saw this. It in turn led me to a lovely booky site which has lots of information about the Sorted Book Project. Being a lover of books I just had to join in, but I found my initial restriction of just keeping it to gardening titles a tad difficult. Finally inspiration struck yesterday (at 3 in the morning to be precise) and I came up with the theme for my first set of sorted books. It's a homage to a certain radio programme. The best part's the book on the bottom of the pile: it's signed by the panel who were at the recording I went to three years ago.

After that, I found my own piece of gardening advice:

I'm glad The Garden Monkey has also joined in the fun. What Sorted Books can you find on your shelves - gardening or otherwise?


  1. I'm find this abit of a challenge - I dont really understand! I'm hoping its because I have a head cold. I understand your top photo but not the second. Are you just meant to collect books about a certain topic together or are they meant to be ordered in some significant way.

  2. Hi Helen - you can do either. The links explain it a bit better. Here's a bit of what the Sorted Books Project says:

    'The process is the same in every case: culling through a collection of books, pulling particular titles, and eventually grouping the books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence, from top to bottom.'

    The links also give lots of examples. So for my first photo, they're arranged on a theme. The titles in my second one are meant to vaguely form a sentence providing advice to gardeners. Of course the authors shown in the first photo are much better at providing advice than I am ;)

    Hope it makes more sense now!

  3. On looking at this again, I think the 'With One Lousy Packet of Seeds' picture should have been at the bottom of the pile instead!

    I must get out more ;)

  4. Lol (to must get out more)
    Very good VP - it reads for me either way

  5. I meant - either way, wherever "with one lousy packet of seeds" is put - not from bottoms to top - although, if you try it - that works too!

  6. I'll save that for a rainy day! xx

  7. What fun ! My blog is almost but not quite ready for a public launch so no photos from me yet. In the meantime here's my offering from the 'gardening' section of my bookshelf :

    'The Essential Earthman'
    'Down to Earth'
    'Good in a Bed'
    'A Sense of Humus'
    'We Made A Garden'
    'Scoffing The Primroses'

    I am going to look at my books in a different light from now on. This could become addicitive :)

  8. Hi - many thanks for the link and for joining in this rather addictive time-waster! I have been trying to work the Lynn Truss title into a 'sorted' of my own but you've beaten me to it!

  9. Oh dear! I can see this is going to be another addictive way of wasting time ;)

    Hi Juliet - great name!

  10. OOOOHHH I am stuck in a Travel Lodge in Leeds (work) and now I want to go home and sort my books!!!

  11. Karen - Oh good. Perhaps I should have included more of the original instructions though.

    Flighty - I think it's a particularly good one for a bibliophile like you AND a rainy day! xx

    MMD - let me know when you have a go :)

    Anna - ooh I can't wait to see your blog and what else you come up with in the Sorted line. I think it's something I'll return to again now the days are getting shorter.

    Juliet 1 - welcome and thanks for stopping by. As you can see, lots of us are enjoying what you've set in motion!

    Juliet 2 - it kind of gets into your brain and sticks around there :)

    Frankie - can't wait to see what you come up with when you get home ;)


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