Big on Pigs

We had a SUP outing yesterday. Not a tapestry in sight, but amongst the pigs arranged on display in Bath's Royal Victoria Park we found designs by Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Candace Bahouth. We went to the Farewell to the Pigs event - a chance to see all 105 pigs which have been placed around Bath and its environs all summer. Judging by the numbers in attendance yesterday, this fantastic public art event can be confirmed as a roaring success.


  1. What fab pigs - can you buy them? I wish I had known about them as I would have liked to have seen them, although I dont think I would have been able to drag myself there this weekend.

  2. Hurrah for public art - especially if it's fun. May not please art critics of course - especially if ordinary people like them - but who cares!

  3. Cows, then ponies, now pigs - I love it! I want the winged blue pig.

  4. This reminds me of all the cows placed around the city of Chicago a few years ago. I'm with MMD--I love the blue pig!

  5. PG - yes you can buy them. The reserve's £1250 and the money's going to Sustrans' 2 tunnels project just outside Bath. There's also little pigs to buy as well.

    EG - I think it's one of the best things to hit Bath in years. I hope the sponsors of many of the pigs will buy them, so we get to see them for years to come.

    MMD & Rose - you have extremely good taste - that's Candace Bahouth's pig.


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