GBBD/ABC Wednesday - M is for...

Dahlia 'Moonfire'

... Memes

Stick around the blogosphere for very long and it soon becomes apparent there are all sorts of memes out there. There's the award kind - such as You Make My Day, I Heart Your Blog, You Give Good Chat and so on. Or there's the type requiring an answer. They're often along the lines of: 5 things you don't know about me; what I was doing 5, 10, 20 years ago; show me your screensaver etc. These are often called viral memes because they're designed to be spread and shared around, usually with links back to their originator. As a consequence, many bloggers dislike them and don't participate. I've chosen to join in as I've found them fun and I've found things to say on whatever topic is asked for. If any of that changed, then I wouldn't join in either. So far I've also chosen to pass them onwards, but without any obligation to the recipients. I do understand why some people choose not to participate, particularly if theirs is a blog with a wide readership.

The other main type of meme is the themed one. These are varied too and can be most enjoyable: they can be a fun one-off, such as Sunday's LAPCPADPOUB day, or they may reflect a particular interest, be a challenge to do, or may help with the ever dreaded lack of inspiration. I've chosen to participate in a few of these, but today I'm writing about just two of them as a joint entry.

As well as being due today, both of them are connected further with the letter M: ABC Wednesday was devised by Mrs Nesbitt and the monthly Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. I chose to take part in ABC Wednesday a while ago as I liked the challenge of finding a photograph/post with the weekly change of the alphabet whilst still fitting with the (admittedly rather loose) style and content of my blog. Some of the letters are much more difficult than others! Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day has been a great way to build a diary of what's flowering in my garden over the months. I also wanted to have a go at creating slideshows and here was the perfect excuse to do so.

What's flowering in my garden today? Have a look at my new slideshow on my sidebar. There's a lot more than I expected - I think the unseasonably warm, sunny weather (though welcome) has made my flowers hang on for a little longer. I've shown you most of these before, but the Saxifrage, Skimmia, Viburnums, most of the Fuchsia and the Schizostylis are new kids on the block. Autumn has only really started to look well established here this week. On Saturday I took some pictures of the ash trees at the side of the house and was surprised to find they hadn't really put on their autumn coat of colour. As of yesterday they're quite different: the green of Saturday is now an burnt orange/yellow hue and a myriad of leaves are silently falling onto my gravel path below.

Carol's garden is the way to go for more blogs in bloom; the ABC Wednesday blog is your route to find more on the letter M.


  1. Happy GBBD, VP. Love the slideshow, your potentilla is gorgeous, a great selection of Fuchsias, great wide shots of your garden and I noticed that we have the same arches in our veggie gardens. :-)

    The weather has been great lately, hasn't it?

  2. I loved LAPCPADPOUB, that was one of the funniest memes (the funniest?). I try to participate in those kind, but I don't like deadlines, so I don't do the ones that have to be done on a certain day, except for Bloom Day & Muse Day, as they're only once a month.
    On that note, I turn my comments to plants. I have to, absolutely have to, get and find a place for Clematis 'Arabella.' Your photos have given me an inspiration (feel free to adopt it if you think it's worthwhile): next year (assuming the Dahlia doesn't rot in the basement over the winter) I am going to plant that Gladious-thingy with the dark-leaved Dahlia 'Bishop of Canterbury.' I think the dark purple flares in the Gladiolus will pick up the foliage color of the Dahlia perfectly.
    As always, I love your Fuschias. They are all beautiful.

  3. Lovely slideshow VP - I particularly like the Gladiolus callianthus, it is one of the things on my shopping list and the Saxifraga f. rubrifolia is charming.
    LAPCPADPOUB was such fun :)

  4. I think I saw your Dahlia at the trial ground at Wisley last weekend (or one very similar). I was quite impressed with the dark foliage, single flowers combo.
    Do you leave it in the ground? If so I might be tempted to get one.

  5. VP, The slide show may be the way to go! Then there is plenty of room to write a nice post! Btw, Dahlia Snowfire is a beauty...I think the dark leaves are they draw for me! Unknown Fuschia should be its official name...I like that 'unknown'; in the same vein, I have named an unknown penstemon~~ Penstemon X! Isn't gardening fun!


  6. Marvelous Meme's they make blogging more fun and exciting. we look forward everyday to themes and "meet" new people learn new thinks.

  7. Lovely slideshow, and the weather has been really good for pictures, hasn't it? It's funny you should mention ash, I'm having a bit of a problem with the one in the garden next door. I must do a post about it.

  8. This was a great way to combine the two memes, VP. I wanted to show another mantis photo so I did two posts today, one for ABC and one for Bloom Day. Like you, I enjoy memes like these and participate in them when I can.

    Anyway, your plants--your garden is a showpiece! Of course, I've already seen most of it on your Open Garden Tour, but seeing all these blooms in October is amazing. A viburnum is on my plant wish list for next year! And I love your fuschias--do you overwinter them inside?

  9. Oh Karen - if you only knew the fun we had getting that Gladiolus at Malvern!!!!

  10. That is a pretty variety of dahlia.

    Memes can be addicting!

  11. Hi VP, I enjoyed your slide show. Very nice idea, putting it in the sidebar. Your blooms are lovely, and you have a lot blooming in October.

    Your unknown fuchsia looks like it might be Blackie. It was a favorite of hummingbirds in my garden this year.

  12. Hi ABCers and GBBDers - see you over at yours...

  13. It sure took me a long time to "get across the ocean" to see your blooms, but it was worth the swim. I enjoyed the show. Thanks for joining in for bloom day. Your explanation of memes will help many out, I'm sure!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Hi Carol - I'm glad you found your swim worthwhile :)


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