In view of this auspicious day, I couldn't resist another post - especially as our two have been particularly endearing this morning. JAS has warned against the perils of cats on beds in his contribution, but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears chez nous:

Skimble in his usual cat on top of the bed mode

But what's this?

Ah yes, it could only be - Jess under the duvet!

For some reason Jess decided not to leap onto the top of the bed this morning, but to snuggle straight under the duvet instead. There she stayed, purring happily next to NAH's leg whilst we had breakfast. We think it harks back to her antics as a kitten. She would often climb up one arm of NAH's dressing gown, across the shoulder and down the other and nestle into the crook of his arm. Yes, this was whilst NAH was wearing it!

This time I've enlisted the power of Google to find the poem below - this one's particularly appropriate for Skimble's usual behaviour. As a quality alternative, TS Eliot also has something appropriate to say about cats here. A "good" dire cat poetry resource can be found here - some of them are by poets who should have known better. It shows we all can have off days I suppose.

--------------------------There’s A Cat In the Way-------------------------
There’s a lump of cat on the floor,
Her intention: Blocking the door;
If I don’t watch my step,
I will have a mishap -
I think my cat’s keeping score.

There’s a bump of cat in the hall;
Does she want to make me fall?
If I really do trip,
There’ll be no more catnip
For the cat with too much gall.

There’s a clump of cat in my chair;
Sit down? I’d better beware!
You would think it would leave
And provide a reprieve,
But that cat will never share!

There’s a hump of cat in my bed;
What else needs to be said?
Everywhere, there’s my cat -
Sprawled out like a mat;
I can’t seem to ever get ahead

Abrupt action from the cat just now:
She let out a pleading meow;
I’ll try a bribe of food -
Now, a cooperative mood!
I’m safe, for the time she’ll allow


  1. Great poem and some wonderful photos. I shall have to see if the muse comes to me again...
    (or should that be mews? - sorry!)

  2. LOL HM :) A purrrfect thing to do on a Sunday!

  3. And another great poem, your are giving your muse free range, it's simply marvellous!

    BTW my little Delia (you will find her in the teapot) always sleeps under the duvet, year round.

  4. Hi Yolanda - gald you enjoyed it over here. Your entry is fabulous - the Bliss team's on top form!

  5. I quite like HappyMouffetart as a name - it reminds me of the nice mrytle tarts you get in France and Austria.

  6. I liked HappyMouffetart as well,
    it sounds very Folies Bergère.

    No matter how far from the house the cats are it can be guaranteed if I am changing the duvet cover they will turn up within seconds and make an absolute nuisance of themselves getting under the sheets and trying to get into the cover. My previous cats were the same..

  7. Nice photos and lovely poem.
    On bed making days I've often lifted the duvet off the floor to put it back on the bed and a cat has fallen out. Always the same cat, and she's always surprised when it happens.

  8. HM - I rather like it too. It reminds me of the effect of wolfing down a rather nice patisserie.

    As for myrtle, there's also the rather nice Myrto - an alcoholic drink from Sardinia

    Arabella - ours are the same and also have the predilection for washing as you've demonstrated so admirable today

    EG - they never learn do they? And does she try to turn that surprised look and tumble into a walk that tries to say 'I meant to do that all along?

  9. Your cats are so cute! And I still think Skimble is one of the best names ever.

  10. I hope that you made time to enjoy the glorious weather as well! xx

  11. Change "cat" to "dog" & that poem pretty much describes the behaviour of my late lamented Borzoi, except that she also used to deliberately stand blocking the TV when she wanted her bedtime snack.

  12. Damnation I missed it! Have only just found out about this - perhaps I can post a day late - loving your pics and poems though VP! xxx

  13. Victoria - it took us a long time to name Skimble (Jess was soooo much easier), but knew we'd found the right one immediately.

    Flighty - oh yes as you can tell by the Avebury post!

    MMD - that sounds a familiar story here too!

    Rach - thanks and I'm sure you can find lots to say about Wilb :)


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