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the garden of the three r's: reduce: reuse: recycle = responsible - at Gardeners' World Live in June

I'm delighted that after a bit of encouragement behind the scenes, Maggi has at last ventured into the blogosphere with The Intrepid Explorer. I was invited to her launch party yesterday and can report the signs are looking very good. Some of you know a little about her already - she won my first Open Garden's prize draw; she's created the lovely Emsworth to help raise further funds and she was also a chicktastic winner at EmmaT's village show. But all this pales into insignificance compared to the tales Maggi will be relating over the next few weeks. Next month she's off to Africa - Uganda no less, to work on a community gardening project in Kampala's slums. So do go over and wish her bon voyage.

I've met some pretty enthusiastic people on my gardening travels this year. The most bubbly of them all is Claire, whom I first met at Gardeners' World Live. It turns out that Deb was not only creating a fab show garden at Malvern, she was also expounding the delights of blogging to Claire, who was reprising her GW Live show garden across the marquee from her. She's already putting together a great blog, the ecospot which will be full of ideas, tips and rants I'm sure. I particularly like this from her sidebar, which I'll leave with you:

Whatever we do as designers, nature is always cleverer.


  1. Many thanks for your support and encouragement, they are much appreciated. I don't get a lot of time but I always read your blog and several others too but haven't really joined the community yet. But I have dipped a toe in now so who knows what will happen!

  2. Hi Maggi - you're very welcome! And I look forward to seeing more of you and your blog from now on :)


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