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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Plot Views - Autumn Digging Begins

I have tennis elbow - ouch! Any ideas on how I can get the autumn digging done? And you're right - asking NAH isn't an option!


  1. Concentrate mentally on soil and digging which is done, solution will come...

  2. I have housemaid's knee, so I sympathise. My solution so far: butch it out and dig anyway. Probably not a medically recognised therapy, but what the hell.

  3. Ignore the digging - difficult I know but there's no point in making your elbow worse. Read seed catalogues instead :-)

  4. I agree with easygardener, let it heal, then go back to it. If weeds are worrying you peg down some black tarp or similar to suppress them. With the rain we are supposed to get this weekend the soil won't thank you for working it anyway. For you - try gentle exercise to keep it mobile, gentle massage, glucosamine, arnica, either topically or as a pillule, or other anti-inflammatory, acupuncture (I swear by this), and reflexology are beneficial too. (I just got back from 2 hours with Rachel, yay!)

    Hope it's feeling much better soon xx

  5. Zoe's idea of the weed suppressing membrane seems very sensible. Hope the elbow gets better soon - probably too much knitting!

  6. VP, I would loan you some monkeys, but there is a large body of water in the way.

  7. Ewa - I do hope so

    Soilman - that's exactly what I've been doing, with the help of Ibulieve!

    Easygardener - that's very very tempting!

    Zoe - I'm thinking of raisding the local supermarkets for lots of cardboard. Will cause some controversy up at the plot, but what the hell!

    PG - thanks! And possibly too much blogging!

    Deb - that's a nice thought :) I thought of borrowing your Label 'I'm a wimp' when I was writing this ;)

  8. I can loan you SomeBeans - he's bereft now he's finished digging our allotment. All he needs in return is cake.

  9. When can he start? I'll start baking right now...

  10. The digging will still be there when you are fit enough to tackle it. Not worth aggrevating your poorly arm. Take care.

  11. Thanks Anna. It's just a bit depressing as my plot's covered with weeds now and everyone else's has lots of lovely dug areas.


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