VP's Open Garden & Sing for Water Update

Firstly if you've popped over here from Gardeners' World.com or my Open Garden blog, you're most welcome! There's plenty to look at and I do hope you'll make yourselves at home.

I've got loads of good news today - not bad seeing the gloomy news that's prevalent elsewhere.

I must confess I'm in Threadspider's bad books a little as I've hung onto my first bit of good news for a week. Thanks to you, I've met and exceeded my Open Garden £1,000 fundraising target. For once I'd hugged this good news for myself - I'd been thinking you might be getting a bit fed up of my Open Garden entries on here. But Threadspider's right, it's an achievement that needs to be shouted from the rooftops alongside the loudest thank you possible to all of you who've helped to make it so. As you know I've extended my garden's opening by popular demand, so I'm resetting the target to £1,300. According to my Sing for Water sponsorship form, £1,300 could pay for a hand-dug well plus handpump to serve 150-200 people in Ghana. I think that'd be a wonderful gift for us to bestow.

You'll see Wiltshire Wailers has another CD out. Those of you who followed my Sing for Water experiences may remember we were followed by BBC Radio Wiltshire during rehearsals and for the concert itself. Unbeknown to us, the BBC broadcast an hour long special in August. Luckily Chris our choirmaster has managed to get permission to put the recording onto CD and the above picture shows my very own copy. We got them last night, where there was a lovely surprise for me waiting on the back of the CD's cover - guess whose pictures are featured :)

Some of you have said you'd like the opportunity to hear us sing. I'm hoping I'll be able to sample a little bit of the CD to put on here and possibly something from the concert in London too.

The Wiltshire Wailers are getting together again to Sing for Water in December for 2 Christmas concerts. We're singing at Center Parcs on the 5th and also at the Wiltshire Music Centre on the 16th. The early date of the first concert means we started rehearsing our Christmas carols last night!


  1. Congratulations on the amount you've raised - and now you're a music star with a CD. I'm sure the fame won't go to your head. No trashing hotel rooms :-)

  2. Well done on hitting that target! I'll give you and WaterAid another linked mention in a forthcoming entry. xx

  3. Congratulations on reaching the £1K - a real achievement.

  4. Congratulations on your success! I've recently had a teeny bit of experience fundraising, as I think you know, and it's quite an accomplishment you've created! Bravo!

  5. Oh what great news VP on exceeding the thousand pounds mark. Well done!

  6. EG - thanks :) Not even one tiny little room?

    Flighty - I see you've already done so xx

    HM - thanks :)

    Kathryn - and many congratulations on your efforts too!

    Anna - I'm just a bit chuffed!


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