Hat's Off, Scarf's On!

I was glad to be wearing this out in the garden today!

The scarf's finished and off on the next stage of its journey to Pakistan. However, I couldn't resist showing off the final product to you, courtesy of NAH. I'm wearing it in the style I imagine it'll be worn and I hope one girl in a very remote mountain village loves it as much as I do. I can also vouch for its warmth, it was distinctly chilly in the garden early this morning - trust me to brave it out there in just a T-shirt.

Kathryn at Plant Whatever Brings You Joy updated us a couple of days ago on where our contributions are headed. It's worth a look - the photographs are absolutely jaw dropping. She has promises of 63 scarves so far - another Blogging With a Purpose success :)


  1. it looks very snug,such a pretty colour too!

  2. VP, yours looks great. I am going to spend this afternoon finishing mine. It is cool and rainy, a perfect day to knit.

  3. Now that does look warm and soft. I am sure that its recipient will welcome it and that it will help to keep some of the winter chill out.

  4. Finished mine - just got to find a jiffy bag big enough

  5. Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com10 October 2008 at 00:03

    It is absolutely gorgeous, VP! I can't wait to receive, where it will be duly photographed and posted on this end as well! Thank you so very very much for participating so fully in this endeavor! Bravo!

  6. Zoe - thanks! I like the colour too.

    Deb - sounds good.

    Anna - I hope so.

    PG - Well done and I had the same problem!

    Kathryn - I was hoping you'd spot this! Thanks so much for gathering us all together for this one. I love it when blogging goes beyond our usual navel gazing :D xxxx

  7. That scarf looks toasty warm. It's wonderful. A great cause too.

  8. Hi Cinj - Thanks. It is lovely and warm, so perfect for where it's going to.


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