Book Bargains AND a Giveaway - yay!

It's less than a month to Christmas, so what better time is there for me to have a fantastic book to give away, plus details of a bargain book discount available elsewhere?

First up is a copy of The Well-Connected Gardener by Sue Minter. This is the biography of Alicia Amsherst, who is credited with founding garden history via her book A History of Gardening in England published in 1895. She may have been brought up in a very privileged family (hence her being well-connected), but she was a very well educated, talented woman whose recognition in the gardening world seems to have been largely forgotten until now.

I'll be reviewing this book shortly. If you like what you see, then all you need to do is leave a comment on here between now and December 13th and the first name out the hat wins the prize. This'll give me time to catch the last parcel post, so you should receive it before Christmas. Sorry, this is available to UK readers only.

However all USA and UK readers can benefit from my book bargains... :)

Black Dog books are offering 40% off 4 of their titles: Growing Stuff (£10.50 or $14.95), Kids in the Garden (£5.95 or $10.95), Recycle: The Essential Guide (£11.95 or $17.95) and Making Stuff (£10.50 or $14.95).

I reviewed Recycle: The Essential Guide a while back and the links above will take you to the UK Amazon listings for the other three. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to email Jess at Blackdogonline dot com with Veg Plotting Book Offer in the subject line and your delivery address details, plus the book(s) you're interested in your email and Jess will place the order for you. P&P will be extra, but it should still work out cheaper than Amazon's prices. This offer is open until December 31st 2010.


  1. I had certainly never heard of her, I will have to look her up :_

  2. What a lovely cover. I'm very easily influenced by what a book looks like, even though its a publisher's decision and not really relevant.

    I hope the mention on today's post for Esther's Boring Garden Blog is ok.



  3. She certainly sounds like an interesting woman - please put my name in your hat!

    I'm off to have a look at Black Dog Books ........I may be some time!

  4. I have never heard of her either - which is where Google comes in so handy!

  5. never heard of her before but she sounds an intersting woman

  6. Hi everyone - I'm including you all in the draw. Will be doing a review later on in the week :)

  7. Hi VP, Sounds interesting, I am rather ignorant of most garden history so it would be good to start to catch up! And books are one of my favourite things: suspect I may be compiling rather a long Christmas list for Santa this year...

  8. Hillwards - books for Christmas are some of my favourites :)

  9. Congratulations on a very interesting website. There is something about gardening which brings everyone together.
    As I only took on an allotment this April the book featured looks ideal to top up my learning.

  10. Hmm anonymous I don't think this book will help that much with an allotment even though it's an interesting one.


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