How Advertising Works in Chippenham #23

  1. Operate a railway station in a small rural town
  2. Get all concerned about health and safety
  3. Put up informative signs warning passengers how fast trains can be when they roar through the station
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice the train symbol is rather old fashioned for these modern times
  5. Et voila!

We do still get the odd steam train rattling through Chippenham, but it's around 50 years since they made up the regular service. We are on the main line to London after all ;)

Fingers crossed it doesn't snow for my trip to the big city next week...


  1. Oh good - a place for my latest rant about signage. All over Brighton expensive road information signs have been put up. What they are supposed to broadcast isn't obvious but most of the time they are used for "Think! Bike", "Don't drink and drive", and other such obvious information which distracts you from paying attention to the foreign students about to throw themselves under your car. It is such useless visual clutter!!! Like those motorway advisory signs which are so often outdated or wrong that nobody actually believes them so they are worse than useless! Aaaaargh!

  2. Arabella - there's loads of those signs on the Fosse Way too, accompanied by details of the road fatalities over the past few years. It's quite alarming when you see them!

    Petoskystone - thanks :)


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