Out on the Streets: Twinkle Twinkle...

It's nearly December, so it must be time for our latest edition of Out on the Streets! It's chilly out there, so it's time to have some fun with our public planting meme. What's going on in your neighbourhood this year? Is everything looking all twinkly and festive, or more like Chichester?

As you can see, we have our usual mini real Christmas trees adorning many buildings in Chippenham. I always think these are a simple but very good touch. We also have a Christmas tree in the centre of the town, which has been a little more controversial. More on that soon.

So now it's up to you to get out there with your cameras and show everyone your place. Festive lights are great, but there are opportunities to show us public planting too. For example, which plants in your neighbourhood are proving to be good for local wildlife? Does your town make use of the evergreens already in place and decorate these? Or perhaps there's a planting scheme you've found which is proving to have year-round interest.

If you need more ideas, then do have a look at last year's sparkly festive edition, which proved there's plenty of variety with our public planting even in the winter (NB the link towards the bottom of the post will take you to all the links for everyone's efforts). Of course, those of you in the southern hemisphere have the opportunity to make us sigh with envy with your summery planting schemes :)

Mr Linky is open below for you to add details of your festive post once it's up. Do put in full details of your post's URL, not just your blog otherwise we won't see your efforts once you've added more posts. I'll also put a picture link up in the right hand sidebar, so you can easily get back here to add your contribution.

So see you soon, Out on the Streets!


  1. ah something to divert me from the Christmas shopping!

    I shall be taking my camera along with me at the weekend...

    BTW I think Chichester is leading where others may follow. I like the idea of shops competing to see who can do the most OTT Christmas display: it reminds me of a terraced house near where I used to live in south west London which had such a massive Christmas panorama for the front of their house you couldn't see the brickwork any more. And it was lit in multicoloured neon. It became a local landmark - and you couldn't help but smile every time you went past it.

  2. I shall be out there - snow shovel in one hand, camera in the other!!

  3. I so enjoy seeing the public & private Christmas (or should I say "Holiday"?) decorations. I could have started taking pictures a month ago. They start putting them up earlier & earlier.

  4. CG - looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    PhoenixC - yours will have that magic ingredient - lots of snow!

    MMD - same here and thanks for the reminder that it's 'Happy Holiday' in the USA ;)

  5. Got the OOTS post up at last! Not very much snow - but lots of Middlesbrough magic!

  6. VP - I tried to change my link as I forgot to put the post name in, and now it's put a second entry in!! Can you delete the first one, please?

  7. Phoenix C - no problem and thanks for your great contribution :)

  8. The elements have somewhat impeded my festive outings VP but here is a little offering from Liverpool 2010 :)


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